“Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One” Two-Disc Special Edition DVD Details

Warner Home Video has provided the following details and package artwork for the freshly-announced Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One Two-Disc Special Edition DVD release. While the upcoming animated movie will see its general release on September 25th, 2012 – available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and single-disc DVD, On Demand and for Download – the two-disc DVD edition will not go retail-wide until Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. As with previous titles in the DC Universe Animated Original Movie line, the two-disc DVD edition will be a limited Wal-Mart chain exclusive, starting September 25th, 2012. Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One Two-Disc Special Edition DVD release will remain a Wal-Mart exclusive for six weeks before being made available at other general outlets come November 2012.

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One the first in a two-part adaptation of the acclaimed 1980s comic series The Dark Knight Returns starring a retired Batman who dons the cape and cowl to deal with a city decaying into crime. Click the image below for a closer look at the package art, with additional details following.

Bonus content for this two-disc DVD special edition includes two bonus episodes, “Batman & Me: The Bob Kane Story” featurette, and a preview of Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part Two. Suggested retail price is $24.98US.

A co-production of Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group, DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, the direct-to-video Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part One animated feature debuts September 25th, 2012 on Blu-ray, single-disc DVD, OnDemand and for Download from Warner Home Video. The two-disc special edition release of this feature will be a Wal-Mart chain exclusive starting September 25th, 2012, and will go retail-wide on November 6th, 2012.

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  1. Joe

    Is anyone else disappointed with ‘bonus’ material offered on these two disc special editions ? I consistently am. I love that DC is putting out the animated movies like they are, but what passes for ‘bonus’ material, dedicated with it’s own DVD disc, is just plain lacking. I believe in every case, the bonus material offered disc # 2 could always have easily fit on disc # 1… so why use two discs when one is plenty ? I suspect the reason is that more can be charged for the two disc edition (naturally). Regarding this title, I would like an extensive interview with Frank Miller and DC Comics discussing the evolution of the story, how it came about, the effect it had on the fan base, etc. Maybe a commentary track on the movie too. It just seems that offering a brief doc on Batman and Bob Kane is kinda lame and taking the easy route. What would you like to see as ‘bonus’ features on this release ?

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