New Trailer Released For Upcoming “Young Justice: Legacy” Video Game

Publisher Little Orbit has released the new trailer for the upcoming Young Justice: Legacy video game title, which is slated to arrive September 10th, 2013 for all major consoles. Young Justice: Legacy, released in conjuncture with Warner Bros. Interactive, is an Action-RPG based on the popular Young Justice animated series that fills in the gap between the first and second season of the acclaimed animated series. Little Orbit is the studio handling the upcoming video game based on the acclaimed Cartoon Network animated series inspired by the DC Comics characters. The video game will launch for an assortment of consoles including the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo DS and Wii-U. Click on the image below to view the trailer in the MP4 format.

A smaller standard definition version of the trailer can be found here. A description for the game can be found below.

Based on WB’s animated series airing on Cartoon Network, Young Justice: Legacy is an Action RPG where players control multiple characters in a squad created from 12 possible team members to explore, fight, gather experience, and level up. It will feature both solo and multiplayer missions that follow an epic plotline spanning many locations all across the DC Comics world of Earth-16.

A renowned archaeologist, Dr. Helena Sandsmark, is kidnapped, and the Young Justice team tracks a group of the Light’s most notorious villains around the globe in an effort to rescue her. But when the young heroes discover the Light is exploiting Dr. Sandsmark’s expertise to locate fragments of an ancient statue of legendary power, they must race against time to save the planet from imminent disaster.

A representative for Little Orbit said additional promotional material is set to be released in the coming weeks, including a presentation at the video game industry E3 convention. Additional details on the upcoming video game, including game facts and a press release, can be found here and here. The gallery of images can also be found here.

Young Justice: Legacy, released by Little Orbit through Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, will hit all major home consoles on September 10th, 2013. Stay tuned for further updates here soon at The World’s Finest.

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