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Episode #01 - Holiday Knights
Original Airdate - September 13th, 1997 - Series Premiere
Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy kidnap Bruce Wayne with Ivy's hypnotic lipstick, and use his credit cards to treat themselves to a Christmas shopping spree; Bullock and Montoya stake out a Gotham Department Store for pick pockets, but in actuality, it turns out to be the return of Clayface; Joker plans to kill all the people celebrating in Gotham Square on New Year's Eve with a sonic weapon. It is up to Batman and Robin to stop him before the stroke of midnight.

Episode #02 - Sins of the Father
Original Airdate - September 20th, 1997
This story tells the origin of the new Robin, Tim Drake and how getting in Two Face's way leads him to a partnership with the Dark Knight.

Episode #03 - Cold Comfort
Original Airdate - October 11th, 1997
Mr.Freeze is back and bitter as ever as he plans to release his vengeance on Gotham City. Freeze also has a big surprise for Batman.

Episode #04 - Double Talk
Original Airdate - November 22nd, 1997
Arnold Wesker, aka The Ventriloquist, is released from Arkham Asylum. Bruce Wayne gives him a job at Wayne Enterprises in order to help his old adversary get back on his feet. Unbeknown to Arnold, outside influences are forcing his old demon, Scarface back into his life.

Episode #05 - You Scratch My Back
Original Airdate - November 15th, 1997
Nightwing makes his debut, and finds an unlikely ally in Catwoman in trying to expose a South American gun smuggling operation into Gotham City.

Episode #06 - Never Fear
Original Airdate - November 1st, 1997
The Scarecrow is back with a fiendishly evil new look and a new talent, the ability to take away people's fears rather than manipulating them.

Episode #07 - Joker's Millions
Original Airdate - February 21st, 1998
The clown's broke. But he inherits money from a mob boss, and plans to distribute it freely throughout Gotham to gain positive influence, until he finds his millions don't quite add up to his expectations.

Episode #08 - Growing Pains
Original Airdate - February 28th, 1998
A mysterious young girl comes into Robin's life, only for her to evolve as both a scout and extension of Clayface, who uses the girl to find out if Gotham is safe for his existence.

Episode #09 - Love is a Croc
Original Airdate - July 11th, 1998 - First Season Finale
After seeing Killer Croc sentenced for his latest crime on TV, Mary Dahl, aka Baby Doll, feels a kindred bond to the criminal and frees him. After the gruesome duo go on a crime spree, Baby Doll learns that Croc is not very trust-worthy.

Episode #10 - Torch Song
Original Airdate - June 13th, 1998
Pyrotechnics expert Garfield Lynns seeks to gain revenge against his former girlfriend, Pop singing star "Cassidy." Lynns dons the garb of "Firefly" and reaks havoc on Gotham.

Episode #11 - The Ultimate Thrill
Original Airdate - September 14th, 1998 - Second Season Premiere
For Roxy Rocket, an over adrenalized ball of energy, death is the ultimate thrill. And as she leads Batman on a city-wide chase through Gotham, she skates death continually, until the Caped Crusader calls her ultimate bluff.

Episode #12 - Over The Edge
Original Airdate - May 23rd, 1998
Commissioner Gordon blames Batman for the death of his daughter Barbara, and will stop at nothing to end Batman's reign as Gotham City's Dark Knight.

Episode #13 - Mean Seasons
Original Airdate - April 25, 1998
Fashion turns deadly when Page Monroe, a disgruntled model creates seasonal chaos and a series of not-so-pretty kidnappings as she avenges, much to Batman's dismay, the age-conscious trappings of a youth-oriented fashion world.

Episode #14 - Critters
Original Airdate - September 19th, 1998
Farmer Brown's up to no good scientifically as he creates overgrown farm animals with which he assaults Gotham City in retribution of his strange growth project being taken away from him.

Episode #15 - Cult of the Cat
Original Airdate - September 18th, 1998
After stealing a gold statuette of a cat, Catwoman finds herself tracked and eventually caught by a cat cult whose main plan is to use Batman as a tasty bat treat to their mascot -- a prowling, slobbering, mean-to-the-bone tiger.

Episode #16 - Animal Act
Original Airdate - September 26, 1998
Dick Grayson revisits his roots as a circus performer, only to find someone is controlling the circus animals in the undertaking of crimes.

Episode #17 - Old Wounds
Original Airdate - October 3rd, 1998
The original Robin, Dick Grayson recounts to the new Robin, Tim Drake, why he and Batman broke up as a crime-fighting team.

Episode #18 - The Demon Within
Original Airdate - May 9th, 1998
Bruce resorts to black magic as he battles a demon released from an ancient artifact.

Episode #19 - Legends of the Dark Knight
Original Airdate - October 10th, 1998
Several children give their much-varying viewpoints of who and what they think Batman is and represents.

Episode #20 - Girls' Nite Out
Original Airdate - October 17th, 1998
Harley, Poison Ivy and Livewire team up to have a leisurely Gotham night out, while bringing the city to its knees in the process. With Batman out of town, Batgirl calls for Superman's help, but gets Supergirl's instead.

Episode #21 - Mad Love
Original Airdate - January 16th, 1999 - Series Finale
Harley recounts how she became involved with the Joker, and is determined to prove that she is still useful by trapping Batman.

Episode #22 - Chemistry
Original Airdate - October 24th, 1998
Bruce hangs up the cape and cowl when he finds the perfect woman, but everything is not what it appears to be.

Episode #23 - Beware the Creeper
Original Airdate - November 7th, 1998
Nutty, crazy, out of his gourd, no one knows what to think of Jack Ryder, a reporter gone mad who turns into the insane Creeper. One thing's for sure, Batman's not amused, nor is the Joker who believes Creeper is stealing the clown's Gotham-wide act of insanity.

Episode #24 - Judgment Day
Original Airdate - October 31st, 1998
A judge, fed up with the justice system that constantly rotates Gotham City's worst criminals in and out of jail, takes matters of punishment into his own hands.

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