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Bios - Talia / Ra's Al Ghul

Voiced By:
David Warner as Ra's al-Ghul
Olivia Hussey as Talia
First Appearance: "Out of the Past"
Position: Dead

Talia (TNBA): Talia returns with her father, ever torn between her devotion to her father's his evil crusade, and her love for his greatest enemy, The Batman. She still survived into the future, by using the Lazarus Pit, although future Batman Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne discovered the horrible price she had to pay.

Ra's Al Ghul (TNBA): The ageless Ra's Al Ghul is back, rejuvenated by the Lazarus Pit, continuing on his never-ending quest for power and to purify the planet for his new world order. Ra's has even survived far in the future, by cheating death again and again. He went head to head with the new Dark Knight, Terry McGinnis, in the future. 

Addendum: Talia gave the ultimate sacrifice for her father--her life. Whether it was done willingly, we will never know. Ra's put his brain into her body and began implementing his plans to jump to an even more agile body--that of Bruce Wayne. After a run-in with Terry McGinnis and Bruce Wayne, it is unknown if he is currently alive.

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