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201 - Long Arm of the Law!

Original Airdate - December 11, 2009
Kite Man, comes back for revenge against Plastic Man. With the help of his unstoppable henchmen Rubberneck, he imperils Plastic Man's loved ones and threatens to remove the heroes powers forever.

202 - Revenge of the Reach!
Original Airdate - January 1st, 2010
Blue Beetle is finally ready for a mission of his own and things go smoothly until he tries to deliver his captured villain to Oa, where he is attacked by the Green Lanterns! Blue's scarab is revealed to be linked to an army of evil aliens known as the Reach--does he have the power to resist their influence?

203 - Death Race to Oblivion!
Original Airdate - November 20, 2009
Mongul holds Earth ransom, forcing it's greatest heroes--and villains!--to race for the planet's survival. It's a crooked bargain wherein even if Batman wins, he dooms his fellow heroes--if the villains don't doom them first!

204 - Aquaman's Outrageous Adventure!
Original Airdate - January 8th, 2010
Aquaman attempts to take a family vacation with Mera and Arthur Jr., but can't resist helping heroes along the way. Just as he finally promises the family 'no more heroics,' Batman is trapped by the Pengiuin.

205 - The Golden Age of Justice!
Original Airdate - January 15th, 2010
An aging JSA is faced with the return of their worst enemy, Per Degaton, as he returns from suspended animation to enact a plan for world-domination, while Black Canary helps Wildcat face his greatest regrets.

206 - Clash of the Metal Men!
Original Airdate - January 29th, 2010
Batman is introduced to a team of energetic androids known as the Metal Men. When their creator goes missing at the hands of the Gas Gang, Batman helps them track the villains to get him back.

207 - A Bat Divided!
Original Airdate - February 5th, 2010
A school field trip goes awry when Dr. Double X causes a lab explosion that fuses slacker science teacher Ronnie to his genius pupil Jason, creating the reluctant hero Firestorm...and unbeknownst them, it leaves Batman divided into three parts!

208 - Sidekicks Assemble!
Original Airdate - January 22nd, 2010
Aqualad, Robin and Speedy have had it with being bossed around and demand a piece of the action, but they get more than they bargained for when they find themselves facing off against Ra's Al-Ghul and his flying island!

209 - The Super-Batman of Planet X!
Original Airdate - February 12th, 2010 (Online); March 26th, 2010 (US Cable)
Batman lands on this distant planet Zurr En Arrh and finds a doppelganger Batman, but more surprisingly, on this planet the Caped Crusader has super powers! Together they battle the mad genius Rhotul, who soon learns Batman's super weakness.

210 - The Power of Shazam!
Original Airdate - February 19th, 2010 (Online); April 2nd, 2010 (US Cable)
Batman teams with Captain Marvel, the superhero alter ego of the young Billy Batson, to battle Dr. Sivana and Black Adam, who wish to usurp the magic of Shazam that gives Billy his power.

211 - Chill of the Night!
Original Airdate - February 26th, 2010 (Online Premiere); April 9th, 2010 (US Cable)
The Spectre and The Phantom Stranger observe Batman as he uncovers the mystery of who killed his parents and travels back in time to team up with his own father.

212 - Gorillas in the Midst!
Original Airdate - April 16th, 2010
Gorilla Grodd and his super secret ape alliance replace Gotham 's entire human population with gorillas. Batman teams with Detective Chimp, B'Wana Beast and Vixen to thwart the mad Grodd's plans.

213 - The Siege of Starro! Part 1

Original Airdate - September 17th, 2010
Led by Faceless Hunter, the Starro Invasion comes on full swing. Only Batman and a handful of unlikely heroes remain uninfected to thwart the alien parasites and their mind-controlled hosts before all of Earth is sucked dry.

214 - Requiem for a Scarlet Speedster!
Original Airdate - October 1st, 2010
The Silver Age Flash is dead, and his Rogues Gallery has come to take over Central City. Batman teams up with the Flash's predecessor and successor to defend the city, but a villainous speedster plans to defeat them all.

215 - The Siege of Starro! Part 2
Original Airdate - September 24th, 2010
Star Conqueror may be defeated, but Faceless Hunter is not! The alien warrior manipulates B'Wana Beast, forcing him to combine the tiny starros into one massive beast he plans to use to destroy the planet! But Batman has his own back-up -- the Metal Men!

216 - The Last Patrol!
Original Airdate - October 8th, 2010
The outsider-heroes The Doom Patrol are pulled out of a hasty retirement when supervillains begin trying to assassinate them -- or perhaps re-unite them?

217 - The Masks of Matches Malone!
Original Airdate - June 19th, 2012 (Home Video Debut)
Batman, Huntress and Black Canary are after Two-Face -- and so is Catwoman. While incognito, Batman gets amnesia and believes himself to be a real gangster -- now the girls must stop him and Two-Face!

218 - Menace of the Madniks!
Original Airdate - October 15th, 2010
Booster Gold misses his late best bud, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), but when he travels back in time to hang with him, he throws the present into chaos and Batman must travel back with him to fix the mistakes and get one last adventure in with the hero before he passes on.

219 - Emperor Joker!
Original Airdate - October 22nd, 2010
The fifth-dimensional fanboy Bat-Mite wants to see a showdown between his idol and his arch nemesis - the Joker! In an attempt to save Batman, Bat-Mite inadvertently gives Joker his limitless power allowing Joker to warp reality to his most twisted fantasies.

220 - The Criss-Cross Conspiracy!
Original Airdate - October 29th, 2010
The long-retired Batwoman sees an opportunity for revenge against the villain who humiliated her: Riddler. In order to get back at him, she uses sorcerer Felix Faust to swap her body with Batman's.

221 - The Plague of the Prototypes!
Original Airdate - November 5th, 2010
When Batman is on call, Gotham is kept safe by his squad of trusty Bat-Robots, but when Black Mask reprograms the unstoppable soldiers to do his bidding, Batman must blow the dust off "Proto," his bumbling (but good-hearted) beta-test robot to help him stop the villain.

222 - Cry Freedom Fighters!
Original Airdate - November 12th, 2010
When an alien race tries to invade Earth, Batman, Plastic Man and the Freedom Fighters (led by THE Uncle Sam) race to their planet to stop them.

223 - The Knights of Tomorrow!
Original Airdate - November 19th, 2010
A glimpse into the future reveals Dick Grayson has assumed the Batman mantle after the Caped Crusader retired and fathered a son, Damian, with Catwoman. Despite his parents wishes, Damian does not want to follow their legacy, but when Joker returns, he may have no choice!

224 - Darkseid Descending!
Original Airdate - December 3rd, 2010
Batman assembles a new, motley Justice League to thwart a pending Earth invasion by Darkseid. The rag-tag group can hardly get along--let alone battle a near god--but when they become Earth's last hope, they have to learn to pull it together.

225 - Bat-Mite Presents: Batman's Strangest Cases!
Original Airdate - April 1st, 2011
Bat-Mite hosts a series of Batman's most bizarre adventures including the Mad Magazine-inspired Batboy and Rubin, a Japanese-influenced Bat-Manga and a guest starring role from the Scooby Gang and Weird Al Yankovic.

226 - The Malicious Mr. Mind!
Original Airdate - April 8th, 2011
Batman and the Marvel family take on the evil Dr. Sivana and the Monster Society!

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