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Bios - Kara Kent / Supergirl

Voiced By: Nicholle Tom
First Appearance: "Initiation"
Position: Justice League Member
Bio: Cousin of Clark Kent, Supergirl is as headstrong as any young superhero, and sometimes makes rash decisions that affect the outcome of the fight. Despite her minor screw-up with Brimstone in Chong-Mi, she is still on-board with the JLU--for now.

When Supergirl started having nightmares about being an assassin, she began to worry. These weren't just normal dreams to her--they felt real. She acquired the aid of Green Arrow and The Question and they got to the bottom of it.

When Superman had gone rogue and turned earth into a battlefield, Supergirl was taken down by General Hardcastle. She was taken to S.T.A.R. Labs and was treated by Professor Hamilton; at this point in time, Hamilton was feeling particularly betrayed by Superman for all the help he had given him. When the idea of cloning Supergirl and having a superhero in "reserve" in case something like Superman's case happened again, came by Hamilton's desk, he didn't hesitate. Using a kryptonite-tipped surgery robot, he was able to extract some of Supergirl's DNA and create a perfect clone. Named "Galatea" or "Tea", she and Supergirl shared a bond due to the same DNA being used.

Supergirl's dreams came from this bond and in return Galatea got Supergirl's unwillingness to kill. Hindering her job, Galatea took it upon herself to destroy Supergirl. The Question intervened and gave Supergirl enough time to knock out Galatea; before they could finish the fight, however, it was ended when the simulation they were in began to explode, destroying the building, and supposedly, Galatea.

Feeling that she outgrew her old Supergirl suit, she made herself a new one more fitting of her ‘super’ powers. A bold new red and blue suit more suited towards an older woman rather than a teenage girl, her new costume comes with a new, more matured attitude.

After Supergirl was taken to the future with the Legion of Superheroes and she met Brainiac V, Kara decided to stay. Feeling more at home in the future due to her original homeworld's advanced technology, Kara recorded a goodbye message for Green Arrow and Green Lantern to take back to Superman.

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