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The Cavalier

PAUL DINI'S COMMENTS ON POSSIBLE SHOW APPEARANCE: An earlier message from Mr. Dini regarding this devilish rogue states: "We've thought about using the Cavalier, and will probably get around to telling his story sooner or later"

However, later on, Paul stated that currently the Cavalier's status is: "LONGSHOT."

My Comments: Definitely use him! This character has been around since the 40's and I believe he has the potential to be a classic and memorable addition to the animated Rogues Gallery. He also looks terrific in the animated style (see Ty's and Derek's art above). Re-write his origin and turn him into an insane cross between Eroll Flynn and Vincent Price! The Cavalier has been around so long, I think he deserves an appearance.

**NOTE: The Cavalier recently appeared in the animated style in the new Batman Adventures comic (#1).He appeared in a great little backup story in this issue. He was rendered in the costume worn by the Cavalier character in the "Blades" story from Legends of the Dark Knight. Ty Templeton says he really wanted to go with the original costume. In fact, the picture above was sent to me by Ty and is his original concept for the Cavalier, combining the classic look with a mask similar to the one of the "Blades" Cavalier. I personally prefer this more classic look. Eventually, however, Ty and Dan Slott went with the newer costume style due to the Zorro references in the the story. **

Tim Curry is great! Best known for portraying Dr. Frank N' Furter in the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show', and for his many memorable character roles in various films, Tim would give this character the perfect combination of bizarre flamboyance and demented charm. Incidentally, Tim Curry was originally slated to play the Joker, a part which ultimately went to the wonderful Mark Hamill. Tim has done a minor voice on the show as an Arkham Asylum guard.

REAL NAME: Mortimer Drake
FIRST APPEARANCE: Detective Comics #81
ORIGIN: A wealthy friend of Bruce Wayne's, and a collector of curios, Mortimer Drake was a man of exotic and idiosyncratic tastes. When he found himself unable to add certain prized items to his private museum through legal means, Drake adopted the guise of a modern-day Musketeer and, calling himself the Cavalier, embarked on a crime spree that ultimately brought him into conflict with Batman & Robin. Several times over the next few months the Cavalier matched wits with Batman, eluding capture each time, until the Batman finally deduced his true identity and captured him. Despite his foppish outward appearance, the Cavalier is an expert swordsman and is one of the most dangerous foes Batman has ever faced. ((from 'Who's Who in the DC Universe'))

In recent years, the Cavalier has lost his mind and is incarcerated in Arkham Asylum. He faced Batman after escaping Arkham during the Knightfall storyline. It remains to be seen whether his origin has been retconned, and why he went insane. The Cavalier always
speaks in antiquated speech and seems to have a chivalrous streak, especially when it comes to dealings with women.

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