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**Deadshot recently appeared in the "Enemy Below" episode of the Justice League cartoon (although he was not referred to by name). He was also in issue #6 of the JL Adventures comic. He is the featured baddie in issue 5 of the new "Batman Adventures" comic by Ty Templeton and Dan Slott. **

VOICE ACTOR CHOICE: Michael Rosenbaum
He did a great Kevin Spaceyesque Deadshot in "Justice League"

REAL NAME: Floyd Lawton
ORIGIN: Scion of a wealthy Gotham family, Floyd Lawton adopted the guise of Deadshot, a master marksman who posed as a crimefighter in an attempt to discredit The Batman so that Lawton could ultimately become Gotham's crime boss. Exposed and captured by The Batman, Lawton spent several years behind bars, devising a new uniform and a battery of high-tech weapons to make Deadshot even deadlier than before. Upon his release from prison, Lawton hired out his services as a professional hitman, willing to murder anyone for a fee. Deadshot's attempted murders have consistently been thwarted by Batman, and Deadshot is currently serving time in jail. An almost inhumanly accurate marksman, Deadshot's costume contains wrist barrels, a wrist-rifle, and a telescopic infrared sight. Deadshot is such an extraordinary marksman that he prefers to utilize ricochets and other more challenging shots to accomplish his ends.  ((from Who's Who in the DCU))

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