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Dr. Destiny

My Comments:
**Dr. Destiny recently appeared in the Justice League cartoon!**

Though not really a Batman villain, he sometimes shows up as a patient in Arkham Asylum (most notably in Grant Morrison and Dave McKean's "Arkham Asylum"). 'Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes' also contains a great Dr. Destiny story. His "Justice League" appearance reflects his more robust Skeletor look from the older comics. In the comics, he has since become a husk of a man who is unable to dream.

Was Dr. Destiny in "Justice League" cartoon

FIRST APPEARANCE: Justice League of America #5
ORIGIN: Originally, Dr. Destiny was a normal man, inventor of an anti-gravity device he used to infiltrate the Justice League of America. Unmasked and defeated by the JLA Destiny spent his time in prison constructing his materioptikon (since revealed it was stolen from Morpheus, the Sandman), a device that made dreams a reality. Again, he attacked the Justice League with his device and again he was defeated. Thereafter, he learned to affect the dream world directly with his mind and created a dream materioptikon to replace the tangible evidence the JLA had destroyed. Again he was defeated. To prevent Destiny from using his extraordinary mental powers against them again, the Justice League sent a psychiatrist to Destiny's cell, and through hypnotic suggestion he ruined Destiny's dream materioptikon. Unfortunately, he also inadvertently robbed Destiny of his ability to dream. His nights became a constant torture, for all people need to dream - and Destiny could not. By the end of his prison term, Doctor Destiny had completely wasted away. He'd lost his hair, his skin had turned waxy white, and his body had shriveled. He was left with madness and a driving ambition to destroy the Justice League. Working for months, he recreated his materioptikon, improving the device and fashioning it into a ruby clasp at his neck. Then, using the ruby, he invaded the dreams of the various JLA members. Despite his improved powers, the JLA defeated him again. Though he has returned several times. At this writing, Doctor Destiny is safely ensconced in a cell at the Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane.

Dr. Destiny was recently enlisted by Morpheus, the Dream King, to help him find the dream ruby. The unstable Destiny left several bodies in his wake before the ruby was found.

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