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PAUL DINI'S COMMENTS ON POSSIBLE SHOW APPEARANCE: "We'd like to use her, but the network still says 'no' to vampires." (this was on the WB Network)

My Comments:
Talk about being squeamish. Why can't vampires appear in a cartoon? The producers had the same problem with FOX. As you can see above, Nocturna was drawn by Bruce Timm in the original style because they were planning to put her in the FOX series as a vampire-type character (she isn't one in the comics - her origin was re-written for the series, in what was supposedly a great story). The FOX network said 'no way' because the story involved Batman getting bitten and searching Gotham for blood. As I recall, Batman did not believe Nocturna to be a 'real' member of the living dead, but actually someone with a rare blood disease. The viewers, of course, would be left to judge for themselves. Hopefully, if there is a future Batman series, censorship will be less stingent. Also, the involvement of Night Slayer, her brother, would be cool.

She played Angelique, the witch, in the television series "Dark Shadows". Lara Parker has the perfect voice for a vampiric Nocturna!

REAL NAME: Natalia Knight
FIRST APPEARANCE: Detective Comics #529
ORIGIN: Natalia had always been fascinated with the beauty and romance of the night. She studied to be an astronomer and was soon hired by the Gotham City Observatory. An accident involving laser radiation drained all the color from Natalia's skin and left her sensitive to the rays of the sun. Taking the accident as an omen, Natalia and her brother Anton Knight(Night Slayer) dedicated themselves to the elegance of the night. Nocturna then became involved in a number of criminal and romantic entanglements with the Batman. Following a jealous stabbing attack by Night Slayer, Natalia was placed in her hot air balloon by Jason Todd (Robin2) and set afloat. Her fate remains unknown. ((from 'Who's Who in the DC Universe')) Recently, in the Robin comic, a woman appeared claiming to be Nocturna.

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