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Director Commentary For "The Big Leagues"
by Jim Harvey

Well, the much anticipated Static Shock episode "The Big Leagues" guest starring Batman and Robin, and featuring the Joker has finally aired on Kids'WB! and fan reaction has been strong. Not only that, director of the episode Dave Chlystek provides some final commentary on the episode.

One of the questions that fans had on their minds was "why the original B:TAS-style Batwing"? Dave Chlystek was able to provide an answer:

"I will take the blame for the Batwing sequence, you are correct, Bats and Robin probably couldn't have leaped out of the Batwing like that, but I thought it looked cool, so took artistic license with it. You have to admit, it did look cool (I actually wanted the cockpit to glow that red color for Static's scene, but the animators chose not to do it that way. Oh well, you can't have everything). " said Chlystek.

"As for the Batwing itself, again, I liked the old design and went with it. It's cool to see the fans appreciated this as well."

Fan response was very positive for the Commissioner Gordan and Harvey Bullock. Dave Chlystek commented on the cameos: "I put the cameos of Gordon and Bullock and the pic of Harley in for the simple reason that I like them! And it had been a long time since we saw either Bullock or Gordon."

Originally posted on TZN on 01-26-2002.

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