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Interviews - The Zeta Project's Robert Goodman Discusses Upcoming Episodes

Toon Zone was able to catch up with Robert Goodman to discuss the current season of Kids' WB's runaway hit The Zeta Project. We asked him a series of short questions, and got some mighty interesting replies...

TZ: With the show's second season getting great ratings, do you think we'll be seeing a third season?

RG: Unfortunately, I'm not even in the loop on those kinds of decisions. That's completely in the hands of Kids' WB. But as you say, the ratings have been great...

TZ: Only a few episodes into the season, Zeta & Ro have already been through a lot. What other trials and adventures will we see Zeta and Ro get into?

RG: Okay -- a couple of teasers:

We get to see Zeta and Ro's pasts before they met each other -- her life in a girls' home, and his assignment to replace an innocent accountant. We get another big piece of the puzzle in finding Ro's family -- and we meet some of Agent Bennet's family too. Zee and Ro get stuck in some bad weather. And by season's end, Zee has a MAJOR encounter with Doctor Selig.

TZ: Any other surprises you can hint about this season?

RG: Sure. Those Batman Beyond villains that appear this season? They're interested in Ro, not Zee.

From Toon Zone News Archives.

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