Update from Jim Harvey: Upon reading the news posted at TV Shows on DVD, I contacted some sources to confirm. And? We did it! Beginning with the mid-2006 release of Justice League: Season Two, the series will be presented in the proper widescreen format! And yes, this includes Justice League Unlimited!

I’d like to thank everyone for helping out with this. We united as one fan-base for one specific cause and we accomplished it! To everyone who wrote a letter, to everyone who made a phone call, to everyone who talked to reps, to everyone who emailed, to all the websites that helped out in spreading the word, to everyone who spread the word - Thank you!

If you've seen the second season of Justice League on Cartoon Network or purchased the "Starcrossed" DVD, you'll see one major difference between the previous season of Justice League: season two is in widescreen. Not only was it aired in widescreen, it was animated in widescreen. Below is a comparison of scenes in Full Screen and Wide Screen. Further examples can be see at The Watchtower.

With Justice League: Season 1 just having been announced on DVD, there is a chance that Season 2 of Justice League being released on DVD in Full Screen, despite it having been animated in Widescreen.

A note from show creator / producer Bruce Timm was posted on the forums concerning this matter:
We’ll be starting the special features stuff in the next few weeks, which means a decision on fullscreen or widescreen will need to be made very soon. I’ve been doing my best to persuade the WHV folks to release the season two set (and all subsequent JLU sets) in widescreen, but it’s an uphill battle (fullscreen format is the standard default mode for “family entertainment” DVDs). A deluge of polite, but emphatic, letters expressing fan support for widescreen DVD sets just might tip the scales.

In an effort to inform Warner Bros. Home Video about this issue, the forum members, Toon Zone News, The Watchtower and The World's Finest have started a 'Justice League: Season 2 DVD Widescreen' campaign. The only thing we're asking fans of Justice League to do is write a letter to Warner Home Video, expressing your desire for the second season of Justice League (and for that matter, future releases of Justice League Unlimited) in an 1.85:1 Anamorphic Widescreen release. It's possible that a deluge of concise and polite letters may help their decision on how to proceed with the Aspect Ratio for Season 2 of Justice League.

Listed below is the mailing address for Warner Home Video. It's imperative that these letters get sent out as soon as possible, as production on the second season of Justice League's DVD release will begin within a few weeks.

Reference Materials
Justice League Season 2 DVD Widescreen Letter Writing Thread
Sample Letter (7k, Rich Text Format Document)

Note: Sample letter is to be used for guidance only. Personal letters will have more impact.

Contact Information
Warner Home Video
4000 Warner Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91522

Those in the California area may wish to phone or fax Warner Home Video directly.

Phone: 818-954-6000
Fax: 212-954-7667