Creative Team
Staff Member Job(s) Era
James McLean
Editor, Head Writer, Head Pencils and Inks 2002-current
Kristian Trigwell
Head Colorist, Head Letterist 2004-current
Romain Ronzeau
Cover Artist, Writer, Pencils and Inks

Former: Head Cover Artist
Zach D.
(Bird Boy)
Issue Uploads & PHP Work 2003-current
Mathew Spaull
Head Cover Artist 2005-current
Ben Creighton
(Mynd Hed)
Lost Chapters Editor 2005-current
Maggie Rose (SilverKnight) Former: Head Letterist, Asst. Editor, Colorist
 Head Colorist, Head Writer
Ian Moore
(The Flash)
Founder and Former Editor 2002-2005

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