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Backstage - On Leather Wings

Episode #001 - On Leather Wings
Original Airdate - September 6th, 1992.

When a horrifying bat creature terrorizes Gotham City, the authorities conclude it must be Batman and put out an all-points bulletin on the Dark Knight. Batman's investigation leads him to the laboratory of Kirk Langstrom, who has been experimenting with a formula that turns him into the ManBat creature. Not only does Batman have to capture Man-Bat in order to save Langstrom, but also to set the police straight and clear his name.

Featured below is content used specifically for this episode.
Background Designs:

Model Sheets


Bonus: Pitch Artwork
Artist Brad Rader did a five-page pitch comic for his stint on The Batman Adventures adapting a sequence from "On Leather Wings." The artwork can be found below.

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