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Backstage - Unproduced Batman: The Animated Series Scripts

Plus more behind-the-scenes content from the desk of Martin Pasko

Provided by long-time WF administrator, webmaster & graphic designer The Flash - and coming directly from Batman: The Animated Series writer Martin Pasko - continue below to view an assortment of actual scripts, outlines and drafts from produced and unproduced episodes of Batman: The Animated Series - plus assorted drafts for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm! That's right - early versions of adventures that made it to the screen ... and episodes that never saw the light of day! And following that, there's also a huge special gallery of additional production content from the early days of the classic animated series, also courtesy of Mr. Pasko plus Michael Reaves. Check out the hefty collection - featuring exclusive content - below!

Unproduced Scripts
The One and Only Gun Story (Scan 1)
The One and Only Gun Story (Scan 2)
Lo, The Creeper! (Outline)
Lo, The Creeper! (First draft)
The Golem
Razing Hellbane (Outline)
Mama Didn't Raise No Dummies (Outline)
Never Say Uncle (Outline)

Additional Scripts
Masks (Outline)
Masks (Incomplete final draft)
Masks (Final draft, Scan 1)
Masks (Final draft, Scan 2)
Masks (Final draft, Missing pages)
The Terrible Trio (Outline)
Feat of Clay, Part 1 (Outline)
See No Evil (Beat outline)
See No Evil (First draft)
See No Evil (Second draft)

Additional Production Material
Character Models
On Leather Wings (Storyboard 1)
On Leather Wings (Storyboard 2)
On Leather Wings (Storyboard 3)
Locations, Part 1
Locations, Part 2
Locations, Part 3
Locations, Part 4
Locations, Part 5
Locations, Part 6
Locations, Part 7
Locations, Part 8
Locations, Part 9
Locations, Part 10
Locations, Part 11
Locations, Part 12
Locations, Part 13
Locations 2, Part 1
Locations 2, Part 2
Locations 2, Part 3
Locations 3, Part 1
Locations 3, Part 2
Locations 3, Part 3
Locations 3, Part 4
Locations 3, Part 5
Locations 3, Part 6
Locations 3, Part 7
Locations 3, Part 8
Locations 4, Part 1
Locations 4, Part 2
Locations 4, Part 3

Additional Unproduced Episodes:
Midnight Hour
Mind Games

Comments from Michael Reaves:
"The Midnight Hour": "I wrote "The Midnight Hour" during the second season of Batman: The Animated Series. It was based loosely on an issue of a DC Comics series named Teen Titans Spotlight which I wrote back in 1987 (#14, spotlighting Nightwing, titled "Night Of the Dragon"). After I wrote it, the decision was made that we had already done the "tension between Robin and Batman" riff enough in previous episodes, so this script was never produced. Which I wasn't too happy about at the time, but these things happen in TV Land. I've always been rather fond of the script, however..."
Notes: This episode would have made Dr. Tzin Tzin canon in the DCAU. Arnold Stromwell returns.

"Mind Games": "Written by Len Wein and myself during the second season as a sequel to the episode "The Strange Secret Of Bruce Wayne". It was, I thought, a good script that never got a fair chance, since nobody on staff particularly liked Hugo Strange as a villain. While I agree that the good doctor isn't one of the more stellar members of the Rogues' Gallery, I thought the concept of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson forgetting that they're Batman and Robin had both comedic and dramatic potential. Here's your chance to see if I'm right."

"Vigil": "This story was developed by Martin Pasko, another one of the B:TAS story editors, and myself in May of 1993. I honestly don't remember the reason it never went to script -- I think the network was leary of Batman appearing too weak. I don't agree, obviously -- I think, all modesty aside, that it would've been a terrific episode. Oh well..."

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