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Bios - Maximillion Zeus/Maxie Zeus

Voiced By: Steve Suskind
First Appearance: "Fire From Olympus"
Position: Villain

Bio: Maxie Zeus was originally known as Maximillion Zeus, head of a powerful cargo shipping company. When business started to go down, he started handling cargo for the mob. The police began to look into his work, and the stress began to build on Zeus. The stress became so great he created a whole new personality which would soon become dominant in his body, the personality of Maxie Zeus, an ancient Roman god. After Batman thwarted his plans to destroy Gotham, he was sent to Arkham Asylum where he has escaped multiple times, but always ends up returning to. His business, without him, fell to pieces and was eventually bought out by Wayne Enterprises, which was able to restore it to the company's former glory.

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