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Bios - Nora Fries

First Appearance: "Heart of Ice"
Position: Unknown

Bio: Wife of Victor Fries, Nora was stricken with a fatal disease that had no cure. Putting her in a cryogenic state, Fries attempted to cure Norah but an accident in the lab led Fries to believe that Norah had died. This same accident caused Fries to be turned into the villain Mr. Freeze.

After finding out that his wife, Nora, was still alive, Freeze helped the man who found her to attain immortality as he had. Once Grant Walker's body was transformed into a cell structure similar to Mr. Freeze's, Freeze turned on Walker and destroyed his "utopian" society. Freeze spent a long time in a self-made ice block, floating to colder waters until he finally settled in the Arctic. Here he kept Nora in containment until he was able to find a cure.

Unfortunately for Freeze and Nora, an exploration crew inadvertently crashed into Freeze's home, destroying Nora's glass encasement and allowing her to deadly disease to progress into fatal stages. After freezing the entire crew of the sub, Freeze headed to Gotham City with Nora, his surrogate son Koonak and his two polar bears, Notchka and Shaka, to enlist the aid of Gregory Belson, a head in cryogenic research that Freeze worked with as Victor Fries.

Together they found a way to cure Nora's disease, but it required an organ transplant. With no deceased donors available, they were forced to go after a live one. The "donor" they chose was Barbara Gordon. Much to Freeze's dismay, Batman and Robin intervened with the operation before it was able to take place. The off shore drilling platform Freeze was hiding on began to explode from a stray, ricochet bullet that sparked on one of the leaking fuel tanks. Batman and Barbara were able to evacuate Nora and Koonak in time, but Freeze had fallen into a fiery blast that Batman had assumed killed him.

Freeze, however, lived and returned to the arctic with his polar bears. There, he heard a news report about the oil platform explosion and that his wife, Nora, had been cured of her disease by the Wayne Company's doctors. Shedding tears, Freeze retreated into the snowy plains to live out his life.

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