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Bios - Anthony Romulus / Werewolf

Voiced By:
Harry Hamlin (Anthony Romulus)
Frank Welker (Werewolf FX)
First Appearance: "Moon of the Wolf"
Position: Unknown

Bio: Anthony Romulus was a excellent sports figure in Gotham, and had instant celebrity status. He mingled with the rich, and spent a fortune. But, when he entered a decathlon, he was dieing to win, and would go to any length. He begged the infamous underworld doctor, Dr. Milo, a scientist who worked for Roland Dagget, to make an untraceable steroid. The main ingredient was a type of wolf estrogen, but it had and weird side effect. The steroid was got so common in his system that it actually melded with it, causing a side-effect where his body transformed to resembled a werewolf. Milo used this to his advantage, for blackmail. If Anthony wanted the cure, he would have to do any task Milo wanted him to do. This led to a final confrontation, and the destruction of the cure, leaving Anthony forever stuck as this 'werewolf' like creature. Romulus has since never returned to Gotham, and what has happened to him remains a mystery.

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