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Bios - Arnold Wesker (The Ventriloquist) / Scarface

Voiced By: George Dzundza
First Appearance: "Read My Lips"

Bio: Arnold Wesker looks like a quiet, peaceful, mild mannered older man, but in the company of his other personality, ScarFace, he is a vicious ruthless criminal. As a schizophrenic, Scarface is a dummy who is made to look like a mafia type boss with a scar on his right cheek. Scarface is the dominant personality, with the Ventriloquist only able to emerge briefly, until ScarFace demeans his alter ego. Upon meeting with Batman, the Ventriloquist/Scarface is housed in Arkham Asylum. Through therapy Arnold has tried to rid his mind of Scarface, going so far as to take up a less dangerous puppet in "Socko." Somehow, Scarface breaks through the Ventriloquist's mind and forces Arnold to do his bidding.

For more, refer to the The New Batman Adventures bio.

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