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Bios - Tygrus

Voiced By: Jim Cummings
First Appearance: "Tyger, Tyger"
Position: Wanderer

Bio: He has no father. No mother. He was artificially created by Doctor Emile Dorian, a deranged scientists who wanted to create the perfect creature. Tygrus was born in a laboratory, created with many traits, including increased agility, strength, and stamina. He lived in a secluded on an island near South America with Dorian. While Dorian's interest in Catwoman led to her kidnapping, Tygrus helped free her from the clutches of an insane Emile Dorian. After his creator was taken away to Arkham Asylum, he decided to travel the world, never wanting to settle down. His globe trotting has brought him to Gotham a couple times, although he can never face Catwoman again.

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