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Bios - Salvatore Valestra

Voiced By: Abe Vigoda
First Appearance: "Mask of the Phantasm"
Position: Dead

Bio: An old-time mob boss of Gotham City, Valestra was head of the Valestra Mob, a gang consisting of Buzz Bronski, Chuckie Sol, Carl Beaumont and Jack Napier.

When Carl Beaumont was unable to find the money he needed to pay off Valestra, he and his daughter, Andrea fled the country. This was no good in the end, as the mob found their new home and sent Napier to kill Carl Beaumonth.

Seeking revenge for her fathers death, Andrea became The Phantasm and went back to Gotham City to kill off all of the Valestra mob, one by one. She got to Sol and Bronski, but Joker got to Valestra before she could.

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