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Episode #069 - Avatar
Original Airdate - May 9th, 1994

A mystic Egyptian scroll donated to the Gotham museum by Bruce Wayne is stolen by Ra's Al Ghul, and Batman and Talia must join forces to prevent the power-mad Ra's from unlocking the scroll's secrets of life and death. Their quest takes them to a hidden temple deep beneath the Egyptian desert. There the Dark Knight is forced into a terrifying battle with an ancient Egyptian sorceress who seeks to destroy them all. 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Michael Reaves
Directed by Kevin Altieri
Music Composed by Carlos Rodriguez
Animation by Studio Junio

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred
George Dicenzo as Ubu
Nichelle Nichols as Thoth Khepera
Brock Peters as Lucius Fox
Helen Slater as Talia
David Warner as Ra's Al Ghul

Screen Grabs


FOX: Without a doubt, this will be one of the best museum exhibitions Gotham City has ever seen. You can be quite the humanitarian on occasion, Bruce. It's commendable. It's inspiring.
BRUCE: It's deductible.
ALFRED: You're certain it was Ra's Al Ghul?
BATMAN: None other.
ALFRED: But I thought he died in the pit months ago.
BATMAN: So did I.
BRUCE: I know the face of my most powerful enemy, Talia.
BRUCE: I have to go after him, Talia. Will you help me?
TALIA: You're so like him. Making me choose between the two of you. Oh, Beloved, why has he forsaken me? Does he think I've betrayed him?
BRUCE: I can't pretend to know what Ra's thinks, Talia. The only thing he and I have ever agreed upon is our feelings towards you.
BRUCE: You've got a serious priority problem, Ra's. What can be in that tomb that's more valuable than the love of your daughter.
RA'S: Power, detective.
RA'S: It is said that one finds immortality in one's offspring. Alas, I know that to be a lie.
RA'S: Another time, detective!
BATMAN: Yes. Another time.

Review: A very nice Batman episode that takes a turn towards the Indiana Jones type adventure. This was so even down to the dotted line map charting where Batman's plane was traveling. Unfortunately, the episode was only a one-parter. At the end, you sort of thought 'It's over already?" You know you have a good episode on your hands when that happens.

The animation was extraordinary, with the simplicity and smoothness of the old B:TAS and the drawing the same, but with small detail where needed to accomplish a much deeper effect. The characters kept their forms and there was also some excellent animation of the green-goo-monsters at the end of the episode.

This episode also dealt a great bit with betrayal, with was interesting to see who chose what over something else. There was Ra's choosing over his daughter or the power of a pharaoh, Talia choosing over her beloved or her father, and Batman choosing over Talia or Ra's. There was even a small scene at the end which has Ubu choosing over Batman and Ra's. The whole episode was a thrill to watch.

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