The World's Finest Presents
Episode #085 - Batgirl Returns
Original Airdate - November 12th, 1994

Barbara Gordon has given up her double life as Batgirl. That is, until a rare cat statue is stolen from her university museum. All clues point to Catwoman as the thief, but when Batgirl investigates, she discovers another crook actually committed the crime. 

Screens by Bleu Unicorn
Pans by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Michael Reaves, Brynne Stephens
Directed by Dan Riba
Music Composed by Harvey R. Cohen
Animation by Dong Yang Animation, Inc.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Loren Lester as Robin
Edward Asner as Roland Daggett
Adrienne Barbeau as Catwoman
Melissa Gilbert as Batgirl
Roger Rose as Gilbert
Scott Valentine as Chemist

Screen Grabs


BATGIRL: Are you alright?
BATMAN: Yes, thanks to you.
CATWOMAN: Bats are just mice with wings little girl.
ROBIN: Well, you were a lot of help.
BATGIRL: I tried to tell you she didn't steal the jade cat.
ROBIN: How do you know that?
BATGIRL: I just. . . know. That's all.
ROBIN: Oh, well, thank you, Miss Psychic.
THUG: Hey, kitten! How's about spending one of your nine lives with me?
CATWOMAN: Crawl back in your litter box, creep.
BATGIRL: Was this part of your plan?
CATWOMAN: It is now!
BATGIRL: Oh, Daddy, if you could see your little girl now!
BATGIRL: So, what are you going to do? Leave us over one of these vats with acid burning through the rope?
DAGGETT: Ha ha ha! If there's one thing I've learned over the years is that you crime fighting types are very resourceful. So, I'll just have my man shoot you and throw your bodies in the vats.
BATGIRL: If you let him fall you're no better than he is.
CATWOMAN: Oh, grow up.
CATWOMAN: Together we could pick this town clean! Even Batman wouldn't be a match for us and the cops are a joke especially that senile fool, Gordon.
BATGIRL: We had a deal, remember? You lost.
CATWOMAN: You should have said yes.
BATGIRL: If I had I would have been a rat with wings.
ROBIN: I knew you had Catwoman on a leash all along.
BATGIRL: You're a lousy liar, but thanks for trying.

Review: A good episode in that Batgirl returns (hence the title) and it is also a sequel in ways to Cat Scratch Fever and gives a bit of insight on Feat of Clay. Other episodes should make connections like this in order to help make time placements in the BTAS continuity. It was also nice to see Batgirl doing some good and not upstaging Batman and Robin at the time. In Shadow of the Bat part two, she sort of takes over while Batman and Robin can't do much. In this episode though, she's her own woman without having to show off to the caped crusaders. Also, it was interesting to see that Barbara Gordon has a thing for Batman as seen at the beginning's dream sequence. Unfortunately, this was not bridged off on in TNBA, but instead, she was switched over to Dick Grayson / Nightwing.

The animation was very clean, smooth and in proportion. The animators got Batgirl looking right and Barbara just as nice as opposed to the freakish deformities in Shadow of the Bat. There was very nice shading used as well, especially in the Stacked Deck Club. The addition of a henchman-ish thug, The Chemist, was interesting. He would be someone useful in the future to help out a major league villain.

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