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Episode #018 - Beware the Gray Ghost
Original Airdate - November 4th, 1992

Batman realizes that a pattern of recent bombings in Gotham is based on an episode of an old television series featuring his favorite boyhood hero, the "Gray Ghost." Seeking information, Batman visits the actor who played the TV hero, who later becomes a suspect.

Media by Borg4of3
Review by Robin III
Story D. O'Flaherty & T. Ruegger
Teleplay G. Wolf & T. Ruegger
Directed by B. Kirkland
Supervising Composer Shirley Walker
Music Composed by Carl Johnson
Animation Services by Spectrum Animation Studio

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Bob Hastings as Commissioner James Gordon
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth
Mari Devon as Summer Gleeson
Joe Leahy as Narrator
Bruce W. Timm as The Mad Bomber / Ted Dymer
Adam West as The Gray Ghost / Simon Trent

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NARRATOR: When crime haunts the night, a silent crusader carries the torch of justice. Those with evil hearts beware for out of the darkness comes the Gray Ghost!
BRUCE: We're looking for a copy of a film. Actually, a TV show. We can't find it on video.
CLERK: Well, you've come to the right place, pal. I've got every TV show ever made here! I collect 'em. It's my life. I got it all. Anything you want. Name it!
BRUCE: The Gray Ghost.
CLERK: Uh, name something else.
BRUCE: So many actors. . .
ALFRED: I wish I knew the one you were looking for, Master Bruce, but I don't watch television. I prefer my fireplace.
BATMAN: I used to admire what the Gray Ghost stood for.
TRENT: I'm not the Gray Ghost.
BATMAN: I can see that now.
BATMAN: Thanks.
GRAY GHOST: Hey, I owed you. You got me my outfit back.
BATMAN: As a kid, I used to watch you with my father. The Gray Ghost was my hero.
GRAY GHOST: So it wasn't all for nothing. . .
BATMAN: Time to put your toys away little man.
BOMBER: I can't. Y'see I need the money to buy toys. I love toys. They can play songs, they can dance, they can even eat money. H'oh boy, they can eat money. All my money. And then I remembered an episode of the Gray Ghost and I knew what else a toy can do. It can carry a bomb. It can hold a city for ransom! Oh, the power of the toy! It can earn millions! Millions for the little old toy collector! Me!
BRUCE: Y'know as a kid I used to watch you with my father. The Gray Ghost was my hero.
BRUCE: And he still is.

Review: A great addition to the Batman mythos that adds character in Bruce by making the hero have hero worship. It also explains Bruce's choice for the Batcave's design. It is a shame that the Gray Ghost only appeared once in the series since he was a great supporting cast member.
Adam West does a great job as the Gray Ghost and Simon Trent. No matter what everyone says, the man has an excellent voice and can act. It was also a pleasure to have him back on Batman.

The animation was superior, but the drawings were not as correct according to the model sheets. This may have been a change of animators who could draw amazing explosions and animate fast moving cars.

Here is a list of the Gray Ghost episodes in Simon Trent's cupboard. They are as close to what I could make out since some titles were a bit foggy.

Have A Heart
Red Ghost Run
The Claw
Take A Hint
One On One
Dr. Death
Jimmy's Homecoming
The Doll Maker
Gray Ghost Returns
Missing Link
The Card Shark
Spy Smashing
The Secret Chamber
The Road Trip
Terror In The Sky*
Sweet Revenge
The Mad Bomber
Electronic Man
Sweating Bullets

* Terror in the Sky is also the name of BTAS' very own Man-Bat / She-Bat episode.

Note: You can view all of these titles in Pan 10 above!

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