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Episode #058 - Blind As A Bat
Original Airdate - February 22nd, 1993

The Penguin has pulled off a plot to hijack an armored helicopter and, in the course of The Penguin's raid, Bruce Wayne is temporarily blinded. Dr. Leslie Thompkins gives Bruce strict instructions to keep his eyes bandaged for forty-eight hours or risk losing his sight permanently. But when The Penguin starts using the chopper's weaponry to terrorize Gotham, it's up to the Batman to stop him -- sight or no sight. 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Story by Mike Underwood, Len Wein
Teleplay by Len Wein
Directed by Dan Riba
Music composed by Steve Chesne, James Stemple
Animation by Studio Junio

Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne / Batman
Bob Hastings as Comissioner Gordon
Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hill
Robert Costanzo as Detective Bullock
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred
Paul Williams as Penguin
Haunani Minn as Dr. Lee
Walter Olkewicz as Falcone
John Delancie as Eagleton
Barry Gordon as Sheldrake
Jeff Bennett as Computer
Diana Muldaur as Leslie Thopmkins

Screen Grabs


PENGUIN: As of this moment, the most dangerous bird in the sky is the Penguin! Ha ha ha!
ALFRED: Master Bruce!
BRUCE: Home, Alfred! Now!
ALFRED: But, sir, you need medical attention!
BRUCE: No! I don't want the Waynetech doctors examining me. Call Leslie. Have her meet us at the house.
ALFRED: Begging your pardon, sir, but why so secretive?
BRUCE: Because I don't want anyone finding out that I can't see.
BRUCE: If you think a little inconvenience like this is going to stop me--
ALFRED: Indeed.
BRUCE: Alfred, I've got to find a way to fight him. Sight or no sight.
BULLOCK: So what other options do we got?
BATMAN (from the shadows): None, gentlemen which is why your going to do exactly what the Penguin wants you to.
PENGUIN: This means war!
PENGUIN: You're aim appears to be a little off today, Batman. I don't think you could hit the broad side of a barn, let alone the broad side of this bird. You're blind as a bat. Sightless and helpless.
BATMAN: You've got one right.

Review: This was one of the best written, best animated, best scored and generally best episodes of the whole series. There were very excellent scenes, especially Bruce's stubbornness with not being able to leave the house as Batman and in the finale where Batman is left completely blind and, as the Penguin puts it, 'helpless'.

The music in this episode was also great, using many variations on the traditional Batman animated theme. The best pieces: the Batwing attack beginning with 'Gotcha!' and the 'helpless' Batman music towards the end. The lack of music when Batman was totally blind with no helmet was very effective too.

The animation was also great. Nicely done smoke, fire, molten metal and water animations throughout the episode. The Raven Helicopter and Batwing were excellent, and the Penguin looked very natural for a bird-man. He wasn't the disproportioned little sack of jelly, holding no form whatsoever.

As for the general plot, it was very well done. There was nothing in this episode that wasn't needed. Some say that it went to fast, but I believe it was just right because the plot was set up within the first few minutes, and it was more than 'oh no, Penguin's got the helicopter now'. The writing of Batman when blind at the end was also very well done. His movements looked realistic and there were some nice touches like when he opened the door, stepped to one side and then moved into the warehouse.

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