The World's Finest Presents
Episode #043 - Day of the Samurai
Original Airdate - February 23rd, 1993

Kyodai Ken kidnaps the daughter of Yoru Sensei, the martial arts instructor who taught both Kyodai and Bruce. The Ninja's ransom for her is a scroll that teaches the location of the fabled Death Touch. 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Steve Perry
Directed by Bruce W. Timm
Music composed by Carlos Rodriguez
Animation Services by Blue Pencil, S.I.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Alfred
Robert Ito as The Ninja
Julia Kato as Kairi
GoH Misawa as Sensei Yoru
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YORU: Perhaps, I thought, you might somehow enlist the aid of this 'Batman'. You know him, do you not?
BRUCE: We've met.
ALFRED: Perhaps our cowled friend can persuade him otherwise?
BRUCE: It's not that easy, Alfred. He's after Batman as well.
ALFRED: But why?
BRUCE: He fought Bruce Wayne and Batman. Fighting styles are like fingerprints. Kyodai knows that we're the same man.
Kairi (in Japanese): Spirit of the Bat. . .
KYODAI: Once again, you approach unseen, dark one. You would have made a good ninja.
BATMAN: I would prefer to be a Samurai.
KYODAI: But you are like me, a warrior of the night.
BATMAN: So it would seem.
KYODAI: Let us face each other in the open, man to man.
KYODAI: Samurai do not hide behind masks.
BATMAN: All right. Take your best shot!
YORU: If you see Batman, tell him I have great respect for him.
BRUCE: Why? He's as much a ninja as Kyodai was.
YORU: Not so. Batman offered to help his adversary and a lesser man would have used the knowledge of the O-Nemuri touch against his opponent. Batman is the essence of Samurai, Mayne-san. You would do well to remember that.

Review: This was a very well written episode but it was a bit slow at first. It had an excellent fight scene at the end which was quite dramatic. The best scene was from where Batman takes off his mask to the death of Kyodai. The death of Batman in between was great too, and since we knew he couldn't die, it was very funny to see what happened afterwards when Batman said "Leaving so soon, Kyodai?" The look on Kyodai's face and how he turned around only to be punched was great.

The animation was strange. It was very bubbly and cartoonish for the series, but the fight at the ending was very well handled. Some of the faces and bodies were stretched and warped, but the volcano battle was very well done overall. The smoothness of the cartoony style was needed here to achieve the ultimate effect.

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