The World's Finest Presents
Episode #044 - Heart of Steel: Part 2
Original Airdate - November 17th, 1992

Batman, upon escaping from being turned into a duplicate by HARDAC, is summoned by Barbara Gordon. She wants Batman's help to discover what is going on with her Father. Upon arriving at HARDAC's location separately, both Batman and Barbara discover the truth behind the recent behavior of the Commissioner and other city officials. 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Brynne Stephens
Directed by Kevin Altieri
Music Composed by Carl Johnson
Animation Services by Sunrise

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. as Alfred
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hill
Robert Costanzo as Detective Bullock
Jeff Bennett as Hardac
Melissa Gilber-Brinkman as Barbara Gordon
Leslie Easterbrook as Randa
William Sanderson as Rossum


Screen Grabs


BATMAN: Could Randa Duane have been down here?
ALFRED: I certainly hope not but I can't say for certain, sir. I simply can't remember anything beyond the time you left.
BATMAN: It's all right, Alfred. We'd better search the house.
ALFRED: Search for what, Master Bruce?
BATMAN: Anything unusual. She may have left a clue I can use. She's only human.
RANDA: You have immobilized the maker.
HARDAC: His human imperfections endangers the plan. He must be improved upon.
BULLOCK: Getting a little fresh air? How come I wasn't invited to this little get together?
BATMAN (to Barbara): It's suddenly less pleasant up here. Excuse me.
BATMAN (to Barbara): Please let go of my cape.
HARDAC: The maker's concept was sound, but he did not go far enough which is why I have taken over.
BATMAN: You did well. Thanks.
BARBARA: Any time.
GORDON: I'm getting too old for this kind of stuff.
BARBARA: I sort of liked it!

Review: This was a great action episode indeed. It was exciting to see some of the surprises that this episode had, mostly the fight between Batman and Bullock on the top of Police Headquarters. The Bruce Wayne 'exclusive club' scene was good too, and the ending fight between Batman and Randa was nicely finished.

This episode also began the career of Batgirl in Barbara's mind with her telling Gordon and Batman then she enjoyed being apart of the action. It was neat to see that the writers were really thinking ahead.

The animation was the same of the previous episode, the grimmer looking, chunky Batman fitting the story well. Barbara Gordon was also well drawn, which she usually isn't. There's just something about her face that it very difficult to animate.

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