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Episode #070 - House and Garden
Original Airdate - May 2nd, 1994

Not only has Poison Ivy been released from Arkham Asylum, she's also married her doctor and settled down to help him raise his two sons. Still, wealthy Gotham bachelors are being poisoned and robbed in ways that exactly mirror Ivy's old crimes. The attacks take a personal turn when Dick Grayson is kidnapped by the mysterious assailant. Is Ivy responsible? And if so, how can Batman prove it? 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
Music Composed by Shirley Walker
Animation by Dong Yang Animation, Inc.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Loren Lester as Robin
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred
Jim Cummings as Saunders
Scott McAfee as Chris Carlyle
Megan Mullally as Cindy
Paul Nakauchi as Doctor
Diane Pershing as Poison Ivy
Christopher Pickering as Kelly Carlyle
Peter Strauss as Dr. Steven Carlyle

Screen Grabs


BATMAN: Someone is poisoning and robbing wealthy young men. As painful as it sounds, all clues point to your wife.
STEVEN: That's outrageous! Pamela hasn't--
PAMELA: Darling, please. Batman, I don't doubt that I was your first, and probably only suspect. Over the years, you and I have had a rather intense relationship but that's all in the past, believe me. I look back at what I was and I shudder. Locked away in Arkham with the obsessed and the insane and me just as lost as any of them. And then I met Steven. His love and guidance brought me into the light again.
MONSTER: Keep driving or your neck gets a new air hole.
BATMAN: She's done nothing more incriminating than return an overdue video, even pay the late fee.
ALFRED: Could it be Ivy truly has reformed?
BATMAN: I want to believe it. . . Why can't I?
PAMELA: Batman? Good luck.
BATMAN: You too, Mrs. Carlyle.
ROBIN: You don't think it's the plant lady?
BATMAN: All she wants is to be left alone with her husband and two sons.
ROBIN: Sons?
BATMAN: Carlyle's two boys, Chris and Kelly.
ROBIN: I know Chris and Kelly. I was in Carlyle's class when his ex brought them to visit last year. BATMAN: I thought Carlyle had custody?
ROBIN: No. And here's another shocker for you: Chris and Kelly are girls.
ROBIN: Lady, you're nuts!
BATMAN: For what it's worth, I believed her when she said for the first time in her life she was happy.

Review: Sort of a bizarre 50's movie mixed with detective work, this episode was not too spectacular. The scenes with Bruce Wayne being targeted by the monster was interesting, and the discovery of Ivy's plot was too, but the whole cabbage patch kid thing at the end was a bit strange. Also, Batman stalking during the day was way out of character. It wasn't even a cloudy day! The jet ski scene was the best part of the episode, but was too short.

The animation wasn't bad, but Ivy looked strange when she arrived in costume. Batman's head looked strange as well, and the animation style seemed to change completely when it came to the fogged scenes at the docks. It was more detailed as if the animators paid more attention to detail.

Overall, this episode wasn't too spectacular, but it was nice to see a solo Ivy story written by Paul Dini.

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