The World's Finest Presents
Episode #012 - I've Got Batman In My Basement
Original Airdate - September 30th, 1992

While attempting to regain a stolen Faberge Egg from the Penguin, Batman is sprayed with nerve gas by the fowl fellow. Now unconscious, Batman is rescued by a 12-year-old aspiring detective who hides him in his basement. It's up to the precocious kid to figure out how to revive the comatose crime fighter before the Penguin finds him. 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Sam Graham & Chris Hubbell
Directed by Frank Paur
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation Services by Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Matthew Brooks as Sherman Grant
Adam Carl as Nick
Lindsey Crouse as Mrs. Grant
Richard Gilliand as Frank
Denise Marco as Roberta
Rob Paulsen as Jay
Paul Williams as The Penguin

Screen Grabs


BATMAN: Get out! Now!
SHERMAN: Y-- Yes, sir!
MOM: Sherman! What are you doing down there?
SHERMAN: Nothing, Mom!
MOM: You're not trying to make gun powder again, are you?
SHERMAN: No, Mom! Honest!
ROBERTA: We just saved Batman's life, Mrs. Grant, and now we're hiding him from some bad criminals.
MOM: That's good, just don't make a mess.
PENGUIN: Stone walls do not a prison make, nor locked doors a barricade. Gentlemen, and I use the term loosely, after you.
PENGUIN: Ohh, how bourgeois. Tearing this place apart could only improve it!
SHERMAN: Uh, Mom, I'd like you to meet Batman. Batman this is my Mom.
BATMAN: Ma'am.
MOM: Uh, Hello.
SHERMAN: Say, Batman, you wouldn't be single, would you?

Review: A very poor episode in all ways. The whole idea of the Penguin being outsmarted by some children is quite pathetic, and should have been left to some sort of 60's show. Maybe not even the 60's. . .

The animation and drawing were both quite badly done especially proportioning and how the characters held untrue to human form. There were also some goof ups like Sherman hitting the 'off' button the start the bird seed machine. Other lame scenes included the Penguin and his men clinging to the top of the Batmobile as Sherman drove and Batman fencing with the Penguin while using a Phillip's Flathead Screwdriver as a weapon. Yeesh.

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