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Episode #027 - Mad As A Hatter
Original Airdate - October 12th, 1992

The Mad Hatter develops a form of mind control which he implements by placing devices in people's hats. He uses this to impress Alice, a woman he's smitten with, turning all of Gotham into a wonderland to please her every whim. When he learns she's in love with another, the jealous Hatter decides to use his mind control power to do away with her beau. 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Frank Paur
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation Services by Akom Production Co.

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth
Steve Bulen as Police Dispatcher
David Haskell as Billy
Roddy McDowall as The Mad Hatter / Jervis Tetch
Kimmy Robertson as Alice
Loretta Swit as Marcia Cates

Screen Grabs


CATES: You got off easy this time, Tetch, but heads could roll if you slip up again.
HATTER: Gotham could be a wonderland, Alice!
HATTER: Why don't you do something useful like, oh, go jump in the river!
THUG 1: Okay.
BATMAN: Lousy night for a swim.
THUG 1: Mr. Hat told us to jump in the river.
BATMAN: Ri-ight. You guys stay calm and--
THUG 2: Gotta do what Mr. Hat says.
HATTER: Until tomorrow, dear Alice. Tomorrow, and every day after.
ALICE: What a sweet, funny man.
HATTER: I'll cut that cowl from your neck before you take her! I've waited my whole lovely life for her!
BATMAN: Then all you've waited for is a puppet. A soulless little doll.
HATTER: It didn't have to be this way! You made me do this to her!
HATTER: Would not. Could not. Would not, could not. Oh. . . Could not join the dance.

Review: An in depth look at what makes a Batman villain go insane in the first place. It was really quite interesting to see what drove Tetch to become the Hatter. I previously had no respect for this character in the comic books, but now I count him as a real Batman villain. It was especially interesting to see that Hatter blames what he did on Batman, even though Tetch did the whole deal by himself.

The animation was okay, not bad, not great, but there were some very smooth animations, mostly the part when Alfred places the "Alice In Wonderland" book in front of Batman and opens it to a certain page.

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