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Episode #005 - Pretty Poison
Original Airdate - September 14th, 1992

Harvey Dent becomes romantically involved with a mystery woman named Pamela Isley. When Dent is poisoned after a dinner date, Batman investigates and winds up fighting for the life of his best friend, as well as his own. 

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III, Batman Fan
Story by Paul Dini & Michael Reaves
Teleplay by Tom Ruegger
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation Services by Sunrise

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hamilton Hill
Robert Costanzo as Detective Harvey Bullock
Bo Hastings as Commissioner James Gordon
Richard Moll as Harvey Dent
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth
Diane Pershing as Poison Ivy
Ingrid Oliu as Officer Renée Montoya
Melissa Manchester as Additional Voice
Neil Ross as Additional Voice

Screen Grabs


THUG: B-b-big wings!
MONTOYA: Yeah, yeah. Big wings. Move it along, pal.
MAN: Well, y'know, I've been talking to my broker and his recommendation was that--
Isley walks past.
MAN: Oooh!
BULLOCK: So what did you put in this mousse?!
CHEF: Chocolate, sugar, eggs, cream. . .
BULLOCK: Strychnine?!
CHEF: No, no. No Strychnine, but I added just a pinch of vanilla.
BULLOCK: You know who did it? Talk!
WAITER: Hey, I just clean the dishes, okay?
BRUCE: Now, Harv, about your engagement to Pamela Isley. We're good friends, right?
BRUCE: I have to be honest with you, don't I?
BRUCE: Okay then. I think Pam is wrong for you.
POISON IVY: They can bury me in the ground as deep as they like, but I'll grow back. We always grow back. Don't we, baby?

Review (Robin III): A good Poison Ivy story is always hard to come by, but this one was worth it. It uses Pamela Isley more than Ivy, and it also helps that this is her first crime so there is more of a mystery for Batman to solve. It isn't just "Oh, this is Ivy's pattern, I'll go stop her now". Instead, both Bruce and Batman have to use their brain.

The Animation was excellent in this episode. The actual drawing lacked a certain style, but the movements were superb. Highlights include the Venus-flytrap fight and when Ivy tries to shoot Batman with her crossbow.

Diane Pershing (Ivy)'s voice was not up to par, but it was Ivy's first episode. Ivy's villainous speeches seem a bit forceful, but again, it was Pershing's first Ivy attempt. The voice does get better and more confident in future episodes.

Review (Batman Fan): This is a great introduction to Poison Ivy, that shows us exactly who she is, and does it well.

First I'll start out with how great Poison Ivy was in this episode. She's truly quite the manipulator. The plot was so perfect for her, having a vendetta against Harvey Dent for the near extinction of the rose. I thought it was great how she got him to fall in love with her, another great way to show off her seductive powers, and she's a pretty good actor faking her emotions that Harvey is going to die. Plus, I also like her attempted murder being used in many references when Ivy and Dent are together in other episodes. The end is where she really shines. She's beautifully drawn and animated very nicely. She comes off very sadistic and obsessed at the end which she should be. Yet at the same time trying to seduce Batman and poisoning him. Loved her reactions when Batman started to attack her plants, and I almost did feel sorry for her when her garden caught on fire, you could tell how horrified she was by the look on her face. The end with her in prison was great, even though Diane Pershing hadn't quite nailed the voice, that ending line was super creepy and well done.

The opening of this episode was great. Batman going around Gotham looking for an escaped criminal and Harvey sort of narrating Batman's actions and talking about how they tell everything to each other which provided for some nice humor. Batman's detective work was also a nice touch, and I'm glad he got Alfred to help him. I also liked Bullock's interrogation of the cooks at the Rose Cafe, very funny.

The animation was pretty good in this episode. The character movements were fluid and well done. I really liked the drawings in this episode, and the use of light and shadow, especially on Batman. Ivy's mutated garden was also really cool to see drawn and animated, and it setting a blaze was really cool to look out. Ivy and Batman looked great with the fire reflecting off of them and being in the background.

Overall, this was a great way to introduce one of Batman's most dangerous foes, and I'd give it 5 stars, but I just don't think it earned that grade, but it was close.


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