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Episode #019 - Prophecy of Doom
Original Airdate - October 6th, 1992

Bruce Wayne becomes concerned when some of his richest friends are seduced into a new age Brotherhood scam by Nostromos, a fraudulent psychic. Bruce joins the Brotherhood in an attempt to debunk Nostromos' claims. Nostromos, predicting the fall of civilization, urges his acolytes to transfer their bank funds to the Brotherhood's coffers. 

Media by Borg4of3
Review by Robin III
Story by Dennis Marks
Teleplay by Sean Catherine Derek
Directed by Frank Paur
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation Services by Akom Production Co.
Layout Services by NOA Animation

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth
Michael Des Barres as Nostromos
Aron Kincaid as Lucas
Heather Locklear as Lisa
William Windom as Ethan

Screen Grabs


BRUCE: Nostromos. Yes, I've read about him in the Star Enquirer. Uh. . . Alfred likes to pick up a copy now and then.
NOSTROMOS: Peace to all brothers and sisters. The negative plain is aligned is aligned with the positive bringing forth astral harmony.
BRUCE: What?
MAN: The vibrations are right for phophecy.
BRUCE: Ohhhh. . . Ok.
ALFRED: But how did the glass break, sir?
BATMAN: (mimicking a prophet) 'Psychic vibrations', Alfred. (Returns to normal voice) Though I bet on a high frequency sonic device.
ALFRED: You gave him ten million dollars, sir!? And to think I was fretting over the electric bill.
NOSTROMOS: I predict-- (turns to normal voice) you and I are about to become rich as pigs!
BRUCE: As the Bard once said "The fault lies not in the stars, but in ourselves."

Review: This episode could have been much better, but-- well, it wasn't. It was an interesting idea to pit Batman against a religious cult, and the idea started out well but it ended quite pathetically.

The animation was poor, with the characters losing their consistency, especially Batman when he was checking over his gear in the Batcave. The only well done part was the shadow fight between Batman and Lucas above the models of the planets. It had very nice outlining and shadow work.

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