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Episode #079 - Riddler's Reform
Original Airdate - September 24th, 1994

Upon his release from Arkham, the Riddler becomes an instant celebrity with his own line of toys and games. Soon he's rich, well-liked and happy, except for the fact that he's never managed to best Batman in a battle of wits. Realizing that he's still obsessed with beating the Dark Knight and that the obsession will lead to his downfall, the Riddler lures Batman into a death-trap puzzle to get rid of his opponent and end the riddle games. 

Screens by Bleu Unicorn
Pans by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Story by Alan Burnett, Paul Dini, Randy Rogel
Teleplay by Randy Rogel
Directed by Dan Riba
Music Composed by Michael McCuistion
Animation by Dong Yang Animation, Inc.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Loren Lester as Robin
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
John Glover as The Riddler
Patricia Alice Albrecht as Brenda
Mari Devon as Summer Gleeson
William Katt as Zowie
Robert Pastorelli as Manny
Peter Mark Richman as Charles Baxter

Screen Grabs


BAXTER: Stop! What are you doing here?
ROBIN: Don't worry, sir. We've got him. His name is Edward Nygma otherwise known as the Riddler.
BAXTER: I know who he is, you young fool.
RIDDLER: It's all right, C.B. These are two old friends of mine.
RIDDLER: Those are things of the past now, Batman. Ancient history that's gone now. I'm a new man! But you probably won't figure that out before it's too late!
RIDDLER: Hours of fun for only $19.95! So grab your parents, or just their wallets, and run on down to your nearest toy store! Tell them the Riddler sent you!
BAXTER: How do you solve this contraption, Nygma?
RIDDLER: Easy! You just have to be a genius!
BRENDA: Where did you find him, C.B., he's so adorable.
RIDDLER: . . . who. . .? . . . me. . .?
BRENDA: Of course you, silly! And you're so smart. I just love a man with brains.
RIDDLER: Gee. . . I bet you say that to all the geniuses.
RIDDLER: Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to meet the great Batman. He's here because he hasn't got a clue!
CROWD: Ha ha ha!
BATMAN: You can play all you like. You and I both know that I'm going to put you away because you can't help yourself. You can't stop. And I'll be waiting.
LATER. . .
RIDDLER: He's right you know.
THUG: Who?
RIDDLER: Batman. He is going to catch me sooner or later.
THUG: Gee, boss, you're scaring me. You're talking kinda crazy.
RIDDLER: Don't you ever call me that! I fooled the police! The doctors! The Parole Board! All of them! There's only one person who's ever been able to challenge me! Batman! He's the only one worthy of the game!
THUG: But you said sooner or later he's gonna catch you. What are you gonna do?
RIDDLER: I'm never going back to Arkham! So I guess there's only one thing to do!
RIDDLER: Hello, Batman. This is it: the end of the game. I'm a little sad actually. You were a worthy opponent but then I told you I'd make a killing at the Toy Fair!
RIDDLER: It's impossible, I tell you! Impossible! My trap was perfect! How did he do it!? I have to know! Somebody tell me! It's not fair! There was no way, I tell you! No way he could have gotten out! Somebody tell me! Do you hear me!? Somebody tell me how he did it! I have to know! I have to know-w-w-w-w!

Review: Yet another great Riddler episode with some excellent riddles with answers leading to different locations depending on how you look at it. Riddler was actually more insane this time around with him claiming that Batman was part of a game he was playing, and the last scene truly proves the insanity behind the man.

The only real flaw which is still confusing me is Batman saving himself in 'the safe'. Batman refers to it as if we had seen it before somewhere, but we didn't, so the ending on Batman's part isn't that spectacular.

John Glover does a superb job as the Riddler this time around, especially in the end scene where his is raving and screaming like a lunatic. Then again, this guy was on Broadway, so he knows how to project his voice!

The animation and drawing was up to par with the traditional work used through the entire series when it was re-titled "Adventures of Batman & Robin". The lines were smooth and consistent, yet the work wasn't too realistic. Batman also had some muscle on him which I always thought made him look more tough.

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