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Episode #032 - Robin's Reckoning: Part 1
Original Airdate - February 7th, 1993

When Batman and Robin bust up an extortion, Batman learns the name of the gang leader. To Robin's surprise, he refuses to let Robin continue the investigating with him, preferring to work alone instead. When Robin discovers the truth, he finds that the case is connected with Tony Zucco, a gangster who was responsible for the death of Robin's parents. 

Media by Jim Harvey
Review by Robin III
Written by Randy Rogel
Directed by Dick Sebast
Music Composed by Carlos Rodriguez
Animation by Spectrum Animation Studio

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred
Paul Eiding as Dolan
Loren Lester as Robin
Eugene Roche as Stromwell
Joey Simmrin as Robin-Age 10
Thomas Wilson as Zucco
Additional voices: Ed Gilbert, Diane Pershing, Brion James, Roger Rose


Screen Grabs

ROBIN: If I knew it was going to be this long I would have brought my homework! You sure about this extortion ring?
BATMAN: Uh-hun.
ROBIN: It's been four hours
BATMAN: Uh-hun.
ROBIN: You still think they'll show?
BATMAN: Uh-hun.
ROBIN: Lucky for me you're such a good conversationalist.
BATMAN: Now, who's behind this little enterprise?
SABOTEUR: I ain't saying nothing until I see my lawyer.
BATMAN: Suit yourself. Let's go.
SABOTEUR: Wait! Wait! You gotta help me! I mean-- The cops wouldn't leave me!
BATMAN: We're not the police. You want help? I want a name. Who's your boss!
SABOTEUR: I can't ! I can't say nothing! He'll tear me apart!
ROBIN: Oh, then you've got a problem.
SABOTEUR: Whoa! Hey! C'mon! For pity's sake! Ahh! Ahhhit's Marin! Billy Marin!
BATMAN: All right, scumbucket. It's you, me and thirty storeys. You're gonna tell me exactly what I want to know.
BATMAN: You know the rules: There are times I can't explain my--
ROBIN: --my actions, even to you. Hey, that line worked great in 6th grade, but incase you hadn't noticed--
BATMAN: We'll discuss this later!
ROBIN: You ever hear of a crook named Billy Marin, Alfred?
ALFRED: Hmm. Can't say that I have, but I'm not one to peruse post office walls.
ROBIN: I think Batman has.
ROBIN: There. Billy Marin alias Simon Dirks, Sid the Squid, Killer Coburn, Punky Lesh. . . But who is he really?
ROBIN: Tony Zucco?
ALFRED: Oh, my word!
ROBIN: Finally.
PERFORMER: That Grayson kid is a real boy wonder!
THUG: You do an awful lot of wondering for someone we ain't ever seen before. What'd you say your name was?
BRUCE (in disguise): Smith.
THUG: Smith. That wouldn't be Detective Smith, would it? Or maybe Sergeant?
BATMAN: Now, about Zucco. . .
THUG #2: No way. I ain't no squealer. You'll get nothing outta me, you hear? Nothing!
THUG #2: Stromwell! He's with Stromwell! His uncle! Okay? All right?
BATMAN: If you protect him, Stromwell, I'll be very. . . grumpy. You don't want to see me when I'm grumpy.
ZUCCO: Now I've got you, you lousy, stinking. . .
BRUCE: I know it must be very difficult.
DICK: If only I could have stopped him. I saw him coming out of the tent; I knew he didn't belong there!
BRUCE: I know. You keep thinking. . . 'If only I could have done something differently. . . If only I could have. . . warned them.' But there isn't anything you could have done. There isn't anything either of us could have done.
DICK: Your mom and dad?
DICK: Does the hurt ever go away?
BRUCE: I wish I could say yes, but it will get better in time. For you. That I promise.

Review: Probably the most dramatic of any of the Batman Animated Series Episodes delving into Dick Grayson's past and the tragic events that brought him under the Batman's proverbial wing. The most dramatic scene of all (in my opinion) is not when Dick's parents die, but when Bruce talks to dick about both of their parents death, and he tells Dick the blunt truth that the pain will always be there. This scene is accentuated by Dick grabbing Bruce in a hug and then the voice over of the present beginning with Robin yelling at Batman.

The animation was simply the most gorgeous animation and drawing ever! While the simplicity may have been lost in many shades of colour, it was made up for with unbelievably smooth movements and quality character drawing - maintaining correct proportions.

The fun highlight of the episode has to be the very first scene where Batman and Robin take on a group of contract saboteurs. Once the group is dealt with, Batman interrogates a remaining thug who is clenching for his life to an I-beam. The scene is extremely comical, while maintaining Batman's dark mood and subtlety.

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