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Episode #037 - Robin's Reckoning: Part 2
Original Airdate - February 14th, 1993

Robin heads off in hot pursuit of Tony Zucco, despite Batman's forbidding him to do it. Some tricky detective work takes him to the crook's hideout at the old amusement pier where Zucco has accidentally trapped Batman. 

Media by Borg4of3 and James Harvey
Review by Robin III
Written by Randy Rogel
Directed by Dick Sebast
Music Composed by Peter Tomashek
Animation by Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred
Rebecca Gilchrist as Chi-Chi
Linda Gary as Berty
Charles Howerton as Lennie
Loren Lester as Robin
Joey Simmrin as Dick Grayson (Age 9)*
Lionel Mark Smith as Bus Driver
Thomas Wilson as Zucco

* - Part One listed Joey Simmrin as "Dick Grayson (Age 10)"

Screen Grabs


DRIVER: You sure you wanna get off here?
DICK: Yeah. Hey, ever pick up this guy?
DRIVER: Can't says I have/ Who is he? Or old man, or somethin'?
DICK: Yeah, something.
LENNIE (from inside dumpster): Hey! Let me out! There's roaches in here! Roaches!
DICK: Where we goin'?
ZUCCO: Don't tell me what I gotta worry about. I'm not back in town five minutes-- five minutes-- and he's on my tail. You don't know the bat. He don't let up! He's the dark angel of death, man, and he wants me!
ROBIN: Stuff your advice, Batman! You and your stone cold heart! You don't know how I feel! How could you!?
ROBIN: You were right, y'know, not bringing me along. You knew I'd take it too personally.
BATMAN: It wasn't that, Robin. It wasn't that at all. Zucco's taken so much, caused you so much pain. I couldn't stand the thought that he might-- take you too.
ROBIN: Come on, partner, it's been a long night.

Review: This episode certainly seems bland after the amazing first part to it. This part seemed more of a 'lets throw in some excitement for the kids' episode after the lack of action in the first one. It was also very disappointing that this episode headed where it did. Although it was nice to hear that Batman actually cares for Robin, it would have made a better lead in to Nightwing if Robin had let his anger get the best of him.

The animation was horrible compared to part one, or most episodes for that matter. There were many continuity errors and characters varied in size and in shape. There wasn't very many powerful scenes either, or smart dialogue.

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