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Episode #015 - See No Evil
Original Airdate - February 24th, 1993

Somewhere in a middle-class suburb of Gotham, little Kimberly Ventrix is regularly visited by her imaginary playmate, "Mojo." However, the mysterious, unseen Mojo seems awfully tangible -- and vocal -- for an "imaginary" friend. At about the same time, a fortune in valuables disappears as if by magic. Batman investigates, and finds himself battling an invisible man! 

Media by Borg4of3
Review by Robin III, Christopher N.
Written by Martin Pasko
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation Services by Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Dick Erdman as Elliot
Danny Goldman as Sam Giddell
Ken Howard as Hartness
Elizabeth Moss as Kimmy
Chuck Olson as Security Guard
Brock Peters as Lucius Fox
Jean Smart as Helen

Screen Grabs


VENTRIX: See ya around, Batman! Too bad you can't say the same! Ha ha ha!
VENTRIX: Helen, please, cut me some slack here. I'll give you anything you want.
HELEN: Want? All I want is for you to disappear!
VENTRIX: Okay. Okay. But just remember the old saying: 'Be careful what you wish for.'
SAM: See those filaments embedded in the plastic?
BATMAN: Mm-hmm.
SAM: Run an electrical current through them and the stuff bends light instead of absorbing it so you can't see it. But in the process the plastic becomes toxic.
BATMAN: I know. I read the report.
SAM: I've spent the last two months trying to correct the problem but it's hopeless.
BATMAN: So you were just going to dump it?
SAM: Yes, it's too dangerous. Funny thing is, some of it seems to be missing.
BATMAN: Who else would know about this stuff?
SAM: Only the other assistant. Actually, he was more like an errand boy - an ex-conn. Name's Ventrix. Lloyd Ventrix.
VENTRIX: You're coming with me whether you want to or not!
BATMAN: Not in this lifetime, pal!
HOMELESS MAN: I didn't know he could fly too!
BATMAN (disgruntled): Peek-a-boo.
BATMAN: Get ready for your biggest disappearing act, Ventrix. The one where no one sees you for ten 'til twenty!
KIMBERLY: Me and mommy are moving and even if daddy gets out of jail this time, he'll never find us.
HELEN (worried): Kimberly! Who are you talking to now!?
KIMBERLY: Just Batman, mommy.
HELEN (amused): Oh, him again.
KIMBERLY: But he really was here, mommy!
HELEN: I know, honey. I know.

Review (Robin III): This was an excellent episode. It was full of great animation, action, detective work, and some humor too. The animation had little things that made it nice, like Batman lifting the paint can lid and the pain stuck to it and dripped off back into the can, the invisible car chase had some very nice detail, and the people at the jewelry exhibit getting hit without anyone really hitting them in the drawings were all very nice.

There was also some great humor, such as the guard who needs to go to the bathroom and it's always locked, the construction worked thinking Batman is crazy when he bursts into the room yelling after the invisible Ventrix, and the 'peek-a-boo' line at the end was great.

Batman also got very nasty at the end, pounding the heck out of Ventrix on the building. He went a bit over the edge, but it was interesting to see him driven over the edge. He also seemed peeved in the drive-in with the line 'Not in this lifetime, pal!'
It was also nice to have a real life situation of a broken marriage intertwined with a villains plot of invisibility. The whole episode was extremely well done.

Review (Christopher N.): A little girl named Kimberly Ventrix begins to receive gifts from her invisible friend Mojo. Kimberly’s mother believes Mojo to be an imaginary friend, however all is not as it seems…

Later at a jewelry expo in Gotham City, an invisible man robs the place, and Batman intervenes, only to fail to catch the thief. The thief returns home to pull off the material covering his face, and stares at a photo of Kimberly…

Meanwhile, Kimberly’s mother Helen has dropped her daughter off at school, and has gone off to work. During her lunch break, Helen is harassed by her ex-husband, Lloyd Ventrix, the same man who robbed the jewelry expo. She tells him to stay out of her and Kimberly’s lives, to disappear. Ventrix only says to be careful what you wish for.

Bruce Wayne investigates the matter further, and finds that his company had been in talks with a scientist named Carrows had created an invisible plastic. Batman looks into the matter only to discover that Carrows has passed away, but his assistant, Giddell, has been carrying on his work. Giddell explains that he was going to scrap the project, since the plastic gave off toxins that poisoned the body and the mind. Giddell mentions that there is a small amount of the plastic missing, and the only other person with access to it is an ex-con named Lloyd Ventrix.

In Kimberly’s room, Mojo is visiting with Kimberly, and then takes her out of her room.

Outside, Helen is taking out the trash and confronted by Batman, who explains that Ventrix has an invisible plastic that will destroy him. Helen then realizes that Mojo is real. Upon arriving in Kimberly’s room, Batman and Helen discover that she is gone. Batman takes off in pursuit of the ex-con.

At a nearby drive-in movie theatre, Mojo reveals to Kimberly that he’s her father. As Kimberly tries to escape, Ventrix tries to keep her from leaving, however Batman arrives, and gets begins to fight Ventrix. Kimberly escapes, and gets home.

Ventrix then attempts to make his getaway and run Batman down with his car that he’s turned invisible. Batman then jumps onto the roof of Ventrix’s car, and in the end the car is blown destroyed by an oncoming train, after both Batman and Ventrix escape the car. Both men land on a roof, and Ventrix has the upper hand on Batman. However, Batman pierces a nearby watertower with several batarangs, and Ventrix is revealed in the escaping water. Batman then takes Vetnrix down.

Later, Kimberly is in her room talking to someone who isn’t seen. Helen rushes in, and Kimberly says that she was talking to Batman. Helen puts her daughter back into to bed, and it is revealed that Batman was on the roof listening.

I must say that I love the episode. The story is actually quite dark, and it touches on real life issues while not getting sappy. There is the issue of child abduction, the issue of a dangerous parent, the issue of divorce/separation. Not only that, but the audience gets to see a very interesting side of Batman. When it gets to the end, Batman just lets loose on Ventrix, as he’s put a child in danger, his own daughter at that. The episode also manages to inject some humor at a time when it’s necessary. (The two vagrants seeing Batman on the invisible car.) I also found myself enjoying Batman’s one liners. While I normally despise the one liners in the early episodes, they worked here. (“Not in the lifetime…”; and “Get ready for your biggest disappearing act…”)

There is also beautiful animation by Spectrum Animation. However, that’s almost a given when it comes to episodes by Spectrum. Batman taking down Ventrix is one of the nicest pieces the show has ever seen.

The score is excellent as well. While that was a given for every show up until Justice League season one (my own personal opinion), this one is just amazing, but what more can you expect from Shirley Walker?

And as a Kim Possible fan, this show provides an extra bonus. Y’see, Jean Smart plays Kimberly’s mother, and she also plays Kim Possible’s mother as well.

All of this plus the excellent voice acting that almost all of the FOX episodes had make for one of the best episodes of Batman around.

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