The World's Finest Presents
Episode #073 - Time Out Of Joint
Original Airdate - October 8th, 1994

The Clock King returns to carry out his vendetta against Mayor Hill. This time the clock-mad criminal hopes to murder Hill with the help of a stolen invention that allows him to warp time and travel at super-speed. Securing another device from its creator, Batman and Robin take on the Clock King in a furious high-speed battle for the mayor's life. 

Screens by Borg4of3
Pans by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Story by Alan Burnett
Teleplay by Steve Perry
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Carl Johnson
Animation by Dong Yang Animation, Inc.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Loren Lester as Robin
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Lloyd Bochner as Mayor Hill
Roscoe Lee Browne as Dr. Wataki
Tress MacNeille as Woman
Alan Oppenheimer as Auctioneer
Alan Rachins as The Clock King

Screen Grabs


CLOCK KING: A trial run and it went like clock work.
CLOCK KING: Hmm. Got one.
BATMAN: Better warn Mayor Hill, Jim. I doubt that time has healed Fugate's wound.
CLOCK KING: Good evening, Mayor? And who's life are you ruining now? A poor pensioner? A malnourished orphan, perhaps?
GORDON: He couldn't have gotten far. With any luck, time is on our side.
ROBIN: Wha--? What's going on!?
BATMAN: Fugate's booby-trapped the car! We're trapped in time! We've been put in a bubble of slowed time. The outside world is moving much faster than we are. Look! Hours are passing like minutes.
ROBIN: Why didn't the car's sensors pick up the booby-trap?
BATMAN: He probably set it just a nano-second out of phase with reality but that's the least of our problems. E still equals MC squared last I heard. Mass increases with speed. If a car hits us while we're frozen like this, we might trigger an atomic explosion!
ROBIN: Whoa! Faster than a speeding bullet!

Review: This episode may seem far-fetched, but it is a plausible story considering it deals with the speeding up and slowing down of time. The scenes where time was 'frozen' were great because they showed what Fugate was seeing while he was traveling faster than the rest. It may have been confusing at first (like explaining this will be), but the scenes were well handled in that they also showed slowed 'real' actions (normal image not the sped up blue) occasionally. Some great demonstrations of this was when Fugate was knocking on the Mayor's door first in fast, then in slow, and the end scene where Hill's hammer disappears and the explosion occurs in the river.

This was also a great episode in the fact that it continued from The Clock King. Everything was the same, just in different conditions. The writers really did a great job of taking a one-time villain and making him useful again. They used his hatred for Hill, his knowledge of train schedules, and even used the Clock Tower in the final scene. The only thing that wasn't explained was his escape from the Clock Tower in the first episode, but he may have already had the time devices to travel fast back then. . . .

The animation was great in the Batman & Robin normal style. There were some nice sped up effects and slowed down ones as well. The best part was Batman ( la Flash) running over the water with the slower down bomb.

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