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Episode #068 - Trial
Original Airdate - May 16th, 1994

Gotham's deadliest criminals, The Joker, Twoface, Mad Hatter, Ventriloquist, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, kidnap Batman and put him on trial in Arkham Asylum. The Dark Knight's only hope rests with District Attorney Janet Van Dorn who, despite her anti-Batman stance, is forced into defending the Caped Crusader's life as well as her own. 

Media by Bird Boy and James Harvey
Review by Robin III
Story by Paul Dini, Bruce W. Timm
Teleplay by Paul Dini
Directed by Dan Riba
Music by Harvey R. Cohen
Animation Services by Dong Yang Animation, Inc.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Bob Hastings as Commissioner Gordon
Mark Hamill as The Joker
Stephanie Zimbalist as Janet Van Dorn
George Dzundza as Ventriloquist / Scarface
Aron Kincaid as Killer Croc
Roddy McDowall as Mad Hatter
Richard Moll as Two-Face
Diane Pershing as Poison Ivy
Liane Schrimer as Officer Renee Montoya
Arleen Sorkin as Harley Quinn

Screen Grabs


VAN DORN: Not only does Batman create these so called 'super criminals', he takes it upon himself to be their judge and jury with no regards to the legal system.
REPORTER: It sounds like you want to put Batman on trial. . . ?
VAN DORN: Believe me, I'd like nothing better.
VAN DORN: You want to support law and order? You take off that mask and put on a uniform.
TWO-FACE: You said it yourself, lady, Batman made every one of us.
HATTER: So, we're facing him before the bar to face our justice.
VAN DORN: And me?
TWO-FACE: Basic fifty-fifty option. You get him off, you both go free. He goes down, you take the fall with him.
HATTER: Amusing idea, what? Kidnaping you to be Batman's attorney?
TWO-FACE: Personally, I suggested a quick slug between the eyes but I lost the coin toss.
SCARFACE: Our prosecutor is ready, likewise our fair and impartial jury!
HATTER: Hang him!
HARLEY: Shoot him!
CROC: Hit him with a rock!
SCARFACE: And now, all rise for the most honorable, most benevolent, most merciful Judge Joker!
JOKER: Guilty!
VAN DORN: I suppose you, like your friends, claim that Batman drove you to be a criminal?
HATTER: He did.
VAN DORN: And yet, as I recall your case, you brainwashed and kidnaped a woman who rejected you?
HATTER: Batman made me do it! He was going to take her away from me! I had no choice!
VAN DORN: You could have respected her wishes and left her alone. . .
HATTER: I'd have killed her first!
HATTER: Oop! I'd like that last statement stricken from the record, please!
JOKER: Record? Is someone supposed to be writing this down?
VAN DORN: I used to believe Batman was responsible for you people but now I see nearly everyone here would have ended up exactly the same, Batman or not. Oh, the gimmicks might be different, but you'd all be out there in some form or another brings misery to Gotham. The truth is, you created him.
HATTER: Your Honor, in light of Ms. Van Dorn's stirring defense, we have no choice but to find the defendant. . . not guilty.
VAN DORN: Amazing!
TWO-FACE: Don't let him get away!
BATMAN (from darkness): Who says I'm leaving?
JOKER: Look alive, Batman! Here comes the judge!
VAN DORN: I see now there's a need for what you do but I'm still going to work towards a city that doesn't need Batman.
BATMAN: Me too.

Review: This was a to-the-point episode. It began right away and continued with action (whether it be fighting or the courtroom scenes) until the end. It also had good use of many characters, and gave insight into some of their minds.

Some great scenes included the testimonies of the Mad Hatter and Poison Ivy, the shock treatment room, and the brief fight with Joker at the ending. They all contributed to an overall appeal to this episode.

Unfortunately, the animation wasn't superb. There was not very much action to have it compared to other episodes, but the general look of some of the characters such as Two-Face and Harley Quinn were just not well done. The use of the darkness at the end did achieve a good effect, and so was the darkening of the other nameless inmates, but the foreground villains usually looked strange.

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