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Episode #017 - Two-Face: Part 2
Original Airdate - September 28th, 1992

Two Face begins an aggressive campaign against his hated rival, Rupert Thorne, who puts out a two-million dollar contract an him. Batman wants to find him before Thorne does, but Thorne's people snare Two Face first by using his former fiancee, Grace, as bait.

Media by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Randy Rogel
Directed by Kevin Altieri
Music by Shirley Walker
Animation Services by Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Kevin Conroy as Batman / Bruce Wayne
Bob Hastings as Commissioner James Gordon
Emfrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth
Murphy Cross as Grace
Bob Doqui as Doobie
Micky Dolénz as Min & Max
Matt Landers as Frankie
Diane Michelle as Candace
Richard Moll as Two-Face
John Vernon as Rupert Thorne

Screen Grabs


TWO-FACE: Good head - We leave 'em alone, bad head we hit 'em hard.
THORNE: How much did he take me for this time?
CANDACE: Two-hundred thousand.
THUG: I thought we got rid of this guy.
CANDACE: Are you kidding? We created him.
HARVEY: Why couldn't you save me?
THOMAS: Why couldn't you save us, son?
BRUCE: So, what are you dreaming tonight, Harvey. Peaceful dreams? Nightmares? Maybe both at once. Sleep well, my friend. Where ever you are, whatever you've become, I will save you. I swear.
ALFRED: Keep your guard up, sir. Harvey is no longer the fellow we knew.
BATMAN: I still feel that somewhere inside that monster is my old friend.
ALFRED: That may make him even more dangerous.
CANDACE: Grab your hat, Rupie, and your checkbook. Tonight may be our lucky night.
TWO-FACE: Chance, Grace. Change is everything. Whether you're born or not. Whether you live or die. Whether you're good or bad. It's all arbitrary.
THORNE: At last we meet. Face to face to face.
GRACE: Harvey! What are you doing!?
TWO-FACE: Taking control of my life.
BATMAN: Let the law handle it.
TWO-FACE: The law!? Here's the only law! The law of averages! The great equalizer!
GORDON: Poor Harvey. So filled with anger. Do you think there's any hope?
BATMAN: Where there's love, there's hope, Commissioner. But a little luck wouldn't hurt.
BATMAN: For you, Harvey.

Review: A great second half to the beginning of the Two-Face saga, but not as good drawing. The animation was up to par, and even surpassed with little things like when Two-Face knocks himself over with the weight and force of throwing a thug, and Two-Face searching for the right coin on the floor and swooping back and forth.

The story was well written with some nice pieces on friendship and love that may seem sappy for Batman, but were extremely well placed and not sappy at all. The dream that Bruce has is also quite interesting in that it brings up the fact of his parents death and that Bruce blames himself.

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