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Episode #054 - Zatanna
Original Airdate - February 2nd, 1993

When the glamorous magician Zatanna is framed for a robbery during her act, Batman swings to her defense. Zatanna is grateful though a little puzzled by the Dark Knight's commitment to prove her innocence, but the two heroes unite and use the skills her father, Zatara, taught them to expose and combat an evil illusionist. 

Screens by Bleu Unicorn
Pans by Bird Boy
Review by Robin III
Written by Paul Dini
Directed by Dick Sebast, Dan Riba
Music Composed by Nerida Tyson-Chew, Peter Tomashek
Animation by Dong Yang Animation Co., LTD.

Kevin Conroy as Batman
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred
Julie Brown as Zatanna
Zale Kessler as Fauncewater
Vincent Schiavelli as Zatara
Bruce W. Timm as Red
Michael York as Dr. M. Kane

Screen Grabs


ALFRED: How long has it been? Ten years? Twelve?
BRUCE: All that and another lifetime.
ALFRED: She and her father were very fond of you.
BRUCE: I was a different person then.
ALFRED: Yes. Intense, driven, moody. . . she'd never recognize you now.
ZATARA: Three months ago you showed up on my doorstep with no interest in performing and yet dying to become an escape artist.
ZATANNA: Here, pick a card. I'll tell your future.
ZATANNA: Hmm. I see emotion, intensity. . . Two of hearts!
BRUCE: Joker.
ZATANNA: Oh, it's a dumb game anyway.
ZATANNA: Nice car.
BATMAN: Thanks.
BATMAN: You're sure there's no one you want to call first? Uh, friends, family. . . a husband maybe?
ZATANNA: Me? Who's got time for a relationship when you're pulling rabbits out of a hat 52 weeks a year. Besides, somebody's gotta keep the old act going now that dad's gone.
BATMAN: I'm sorry.
BATMAN: I saw him perform when I was younger. He was great.
ZATANNA: Thanks. Y'know, I have the weirdest feeling we've met before.
BATMAN: I. . . just have that kind of face.
KANE: I trifle cliched, I know, but effective nonetheless.
ZATANNA: Just answer an old friend a question.
BATMAN: Shoot.
ZATANNA: What happened that made you put this on?
BATMAN: A painful memory. . . and a promise.
ZATANNA: I'd say that you're keeping that promise pretty well, and for what it's worth, Dad would have been proud of you tonight.

Review: This established a very nice relationship between Bruce and Zatanna, daughter of Zatara who taught Batman everything he knows about escape artistry. The episode plot itself wasn't all that great, but the scene from the past where Bruce was training with Zatara and the small scene at the end were great. I don't even think Batman had any reason to go after Kane besides the fact that he tried to kill him in his mansion. I really don't believe that Kane was ever proven to be responsible for the robbery at the mint. Maybe I missed something though.

The animation was okay, but not the greatest. At times, Zatanna had two lips, or one, or none at all. It was very inconsistent. Batman's face looked strange at times, like he was drawn as Bruce Wayne and then the mask was added. It seemed to ride too high on his face in some scenes, like it was going to fall off.

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