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Review (Zach Demeter)
During the original airing of Justice League Unlimited’s second season (and planned series) finale “Epilogue,” long-time fans of the DCAU were treated to a surprise appearance by none other than Phantasm herself. Although a decidedly older looking Andrea Beaumont was seen briefly, her role in the episode was very limited and she was never referred to directly, only as an “assassin.” Fans of course knew full well her history and this marked the only appearance of her in animated form outside of the Mask of the Phantasm film. Indeed, this was the only appearance or reference, outside of the comics, that the character received since the film. Although the film was no doubt a big part of the animated Batman mythos, her character never really had a reason to come into play again and anytime lost loves of Wayne ever popped up, Andrea was never made aware of.

While her character appearance was limited, it wasn’t without warrant. During a retelling of the origin of Terry McGinnis, the DCAU’s second Batman that was mentored by Bruce Wayne, Amanda Waller recounts the assassin hired to kill the parents of Terry McGinnis. The assassination attempt failed as Beaumont refused to carry it out.

Undoubtedly they could have used any assassin to fill the role, but the inclusion of Phantasm served two purposes: one, it gave fans something else to explode with excitement over (as if that entire episode wasn’t enough). Two, it also gave us a reasonable explanation for why the assassin wouldn’t carry out the order. Any other assassin we would’ve questioned what kind of assassin they really were, but since fans knew Phantasm’s history, it was instantly more believable.

While it’s sad this was only her other appearance in animated form in all of the DCAU and that it is limited to a twenty second segment in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, it only further served to appease fans who are such big continuity freaks. I know I loved it when she appeared, as it really just added further depth and layers to the episode, as well as the character herself. Sure, we’d seen her repeatedly in the comics, but there’s something about seeing her brought back, by none other than producer and co-director of Phantasm Bruce Timm who co-wrote the script (although I heard rumblings that it was co-writer Dwayne McDuffie who thought off including her) that really just made it all the better.

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