Reviews - Novelization

Review (James Harvey)
The novelization is a straight-forward affair, presenting the movie from start to finish with only a handful of deviations. There are a few minor tweaks here and there, none really worth noting except for the addition of a cameo by Dick Grayson. Aside from that, the novel sticks to the script, providing a detailed and riveting account of the animated movie. Some of the scenes come across as truly haunting, especially the graveyard scene. Yeah, that scene was dark and spooky in the movie, but here, in the written word, it comes off as ghoulish and downright frightening. For those looking to enhance their Batman: Mask of the Phantasm experience, this is a good place to start.

The second novelization (pictured above as image number two) is for the younger audience and brings a lighter, cleaner version of the movie to the novelization format, covering up some of the more adult moments in the book while emphasizing the mystery and the action.
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