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Bios - Annie

Voiced By: Francesa Marie Smith
First Appearance: "Growing Pains"
Position: Dead

Bio: A sweet, young girl stricken with amnesia, Annie met up with Robin for the first time in an alley. After she ran away in fear from a bunch of thugs, Robin tracked her down several times later to try and help her figure out where she came from.

To both of their horror, Annie found out that she was not even human, but an extension of Clayface. After Clayface had fallen into the ocean and his body dissolved, he crawled up a drain spout where he sent out a form of himself, Annie, to scout out the area and make sure everything was clear. After being separated from Clayface for so long, Annie forgot who and where she was, becoming lost and confused.

Annie remerged with Clayface in front of Robin's eyes, forcing Robin to nearly go over the edge and kill Clayface. Batman intervened and pulled Robin back. Despite not being "real", Robin couldn't help be feel hurt after losing her.

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