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Bios - Batwoman

Voiced By:
Kimberly Brooks as Kathy Duquesne
Kelly Ripa as Rocky
Elisa Gabrielli as Sonia
Kyra Sedgwick as Batwoman
First Appearance: "Mystery of the Batwoman"
Position: Varied

Bio: Not one, not two, but three different women make up the persona of Batwoman. One was the brains (Rocky), one was the motive (Kathy) and one had the will to make it happen (Sonia). The three of them met through Sonia—Kathy met Sonia in an art class and Sonia was roommates with Rocky in freshmen year at State University.

Sonia-When Sonia’s family’s business was burned to the ground by one of Rupert Thorne’s business dealings, she and her family lost everything. Thorne was never linked to that night, and in effect, was never trialed for his crime. Fueled by that night, she became a cop and swore she’d take down Rupert Thorne.

Rocky-Her fiancé, David, was thrown in jail for being framed for a crime the Penguin committed—but was never charged for. Her ‘computer geek’ persona was the perfect cover for her not being a candidate for being Batwoman—something that even fooled Batman till the very end.

Kathy-Daughter of Carlton Duquesne, her mother was killed by a hit that was supposed to go to her father. Her motive was simple—her mother died because of simply being associated with him, and he kept her under tight guard wherever she went. She hated him, in a sense, for what he did as a ‘business’, and wanted to put an end to it.

When the three got together, the idea of Batwoman formed, mapped out their plans and how to go about it and set everything in motion. After they went on their final run to take down the three men they swore they would, they almost lost each other in the process.

Sonia was fired from the GCPD for her alternate persona as Batwoman, David, Rocky’s fiancé, was freed from jail, and Carlton Duquesne was sentenced to jail—where father and daughter now talk regularly.

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