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Bios - Kathy Duquesne

Voiced By: Kimberly Brooks
First Appearance: "Mystery of the Batwoman"
Position: Bruce Wayne's Girlfriend

Bio: When Kathy Duquesne's mother was killed by a bullet meant for her father, Kathy was devastated. Never leading a happy life after that, Kathy hated her father what he cost them. When she was roommates with future GCPD officer Sonia Alcana, the two kept in touch and eventually teamed up with a third person, Roxanne 'Rocky' Ballantine, and formed the identity of Batwoman. Each of them had their own reasons and they were all successful in their quest in the end.

While Kathy felt bad about putting her father away, she knew it was for the best. Now the two were even talking and Kathy was able to have an open relationship with Bruce Wayne, even if he wasn't so open himself. 

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