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Bios - Klarion the Witch Boy / Teekl

Voiced By: Stephen Wolfe Smith
First Appearance: "The Demon Within"
Position: Trapped in a Ball

Bio: A very mysterious and evil young man. Klarion The Witch Boy crosses paths with Bruce Wayne when Bruce outbid Klarion at an auction for an ancient branding iron which was supposed to have magical powers. As it turns out, Klarion is a long time adversary of Batman's ally, Etrigan the Demon, AKA Jason Blood. Jason Blood tells Bruce how the little Witch Boy is a very dangerous foe, not to be underestimated. So twisted is Klarion, that he even turned his own parents into mice, presumably for food for his cat, Teekl. Klarion will stop at nothing to acquire what ever black magic is necessary to control Etrigan The Demon.

Fortunately for Etrigan, Batman was on his side and together they were able to take down Klarion and trap him in a crystal ball for all eternity.

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