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Bios - Mr. Freeze

Voiced By: Michael Ansara
First Appearance: "Cold Comfort"
Position: Villain

Bio: Mr. Freeze (Dr. Victor Fries) is back, colder and grimmer than ever. His appearance has undergone some drastic changes, due to a mysterious physical condition. Resigned that he will never again be united with his beloved Nora, a new layer of ice has frozen over Freeze's heart. He's lost that which is most precious to him, and in retaliation he's going to stamp out warmth wherever it glows. A newer, more powerful and chillingly sardonic Mr. Freeze will lose his obsession over his lost wife and instead concentrate on bringing misery to the people of Gotham and the man he believes is responsible for his icy condition - Batman. This time around, Freeze is not alone. He has acquired some chilly female "moles" as his henchmen.
He has survived the ages and even went head to head with Derek Powers and the future Batman, Terry McGinnis. (Find more about Freeze's future appearance here!

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Batman Beyond bio.

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