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Comic Guide - Batman: Gotham Adventures

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Official Comic Movie Adaptation: World's Finest 
Cover Date - Dec 1997
Written by Paul Dini; art by Joe Staton and Terry Beatty; cover by Bruce Timm

Batman follows his nemesis, the Joker, to Metropolis, where he finds that the master villain has joined forces with Lex Luthor. Batman must enlist the help of the Man of Steel to stop the evil duo, but things get even more complicated when Lois Lane falls head-over-heels for... Bruce Wayne?

The Batgirl Adventures - Oy To The World
Cover Date - February 1998
Written by Paul Dini and Rick Burchett; art by Rick Burchett; cover by Bruce Timm

After a long chase through Gotham's streets, Batgirl agrees to team up with Harley to rescue Poison Ivy.

Gotham Girls #1
Cover Date - October 2002
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Jennifer Graves and J. Bone; cover by Shane Glines

Two-Face is loose, Nightwing's down, and at the critical moment, Batman's gone! With one decision, the Dark Knight becomes a total stranger to his team.

Note: For more on "Gotham Girls," visit The World's Finest dedicated subsite here.

Gotham Girls #2
Cover Date - November 2002
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Jennifer Graves and J. Bone; cover by Shane Glines

Arkham Asylum's in full lockdown, and one of its doctors is missing. It's up to Batman to find out which baddie's in charge.

Gotham Girls #3
Cover Date - December 2002
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Jennifer Graves and J. Bone; cover by Shane Glines

When Scarface and Ventriloquist disagree on how to pull off a job, they become each other's worst enemies - but they're also twice as deadly.

Gotham Girls #4
Cover Date - January 2002
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Jennifer Graves and J. Bone; cover by Shane Glines

When the criminal doesn't match up with the crime, Batman makes the rounds in Gotham's underworld and learns there may be a crook in the long arm of the law.

Gotham Girls #5
Cover Date - Feburary 2002
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Jennifer Graves and J. Bone; cover by Rian Hughes

As Batman runs a mysterious mission, a tale unfolds within the walls of the Batcave - a tale of a revealing moment from the year young Dick Grayson entered his life.

Batman: Gotham Adventures TPB
Cover Date - May 2000
Written by Ty Templeton; art by Rick Burchett and Terry Beatty; cover by Templeton

An exciting trade paperback showcases animated-style adventures of the Dark Knight! Reprinting Batman: Gotham Adventures #1-6, this collection includes appearances by Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, the Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, Two-Face, and more.

Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls TPB
Release Date - February 12, 2020
Written by Paul Storrie; art by Jennifer Graves and J. Bone; cover by Shane Glines

Unable to resist a golden opportunity tofund her beloved lion preserve, Catwoman heists a vial of a mysterious formula for a shady company - only to discover she's actually working for Harley and Ivy! Detective Renee Montoya, investigating the theft of the formula, follows thedeadly trail of Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn, while Ivy tries to convince Catwoman and Batgirl that they should cooperate with her. Then, Harley Quinn gets control of the chemical formula everyone wants, which means that nothinggoes as planned - not even for her best pal, Poison Ivy! Collects Gotham Girls #1-5.

Batman Adventures: Batgirl - A League of Her Own TPB
Released on June 10, 2020
Written by Paul Dini, Ty Templeton and Scott Peterson; art by Rick Burchett and Tim Levins; cover Bruce Timm

In these previous, uncollected stories inspired by the hit Batman: The Animated Series, Batgirl swings across the rooftops of Gotham City alongside Batman, Nightwing, and Robin to battle the likes of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Ra's al Ghul. She even finds time to team up with her father, Commissioner Gordon, to catch two escaped convicts. Collects the all-ages Batgirl Adventures #1 and Batman: Gotham Adventures #8-9, #22, and 38!

Batman Adventures: Nightwing Rising TPB
Released on October 6, 2020
Written by Hilary Bader and Ty Templeton, art by Rick Burchett, Bo Hampton and Terry Beatty, cover by Ty Templeton

Witness the birth of Nightwing in these all-ages tales set in the beloved Batman animated world! Dick Grayson has been incredible at playing Batman's sidekick-but when Robin decides to leave Batman and fight crime on his own, what does that mean for Gotham City? And as one Robin moves on, another starts his journey-Tim Drake! Also featuring The Joker, Two-Face, and Batgirl. Collects The Batman Adventures: The Lost Years #1-5 and Batman: Gotham Adventures #1.

Batman Adventures: Robin, The Boy Wonder TPB
Released on January 5, 2021
Written by Ty Templeton, Chuck Dixon, Scott Peterson and Gabe Soria; art by Rick Burchett, Tim Levins,Craig Rousseau and Dean Haspiel; cover Dean Haspiel

Robin takes the lead in this series of stories set in the beloved world of Batman: The Animated Series! A criminal uncovers Robin's secret identity - and attempts to profit from his discovery! Plus, when Batman's poisoned, Robin only has six hours to find the cure - and Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn are standing in his way. Collects Batman: Gotham Adventures #7, #19, #29, #42, #54, and Batman Adventures #9.

Issue #25 - (Almost) The World's Finest Team
Cover Date - November 1998
Written by Mark Millar; art by Mike Manley and Terry Austin; cover by Rick Burchett and Terry Austin

Batgirl and Superman work reluctantly together to find out where the Mad Hatter is holding Bruce Wayne hostage.

Issue #33 - Clark Kent Is Superman And I Can Prove It
Cover Date - July 1999
Written by Mark Millar; art by Neil Vokes and Terry Austin; cover by Mike Manley and Terry Austin

Someone from Clark Kent's past has supposedly stumbled onto the truth of his secret identity.

Issue #41 - Twenty-Two Stories In A Single Bound
Cover Date - March 2000
Written by Mark Millar; art by Ty Templeton, Rick Burchett, Min S. Ku, Aluir Almancio, & various, Terry Beatty; cover by Mike Manley and Terry Austin

Twenty-two stories are told about the various members of Superman and his supporting cast

Official Comic Movie Adaptation - Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker
Cover Date - February 2001
Adapted by Darren Vincenzo, art and cover by Craig Rousseau and Rob Leigh

Bruce Wayne's greatest foe, the psychopathic Joker, has returned to the future. Now, Terry McGinnis, the latest Batman, must use every lesson that he's learned from the original Batman to defeated the master of mayhem.

Batman Beyond #13 - "Commissioner of Fear"
Cover Date - November 2000
Written by Hilary J. Bader; art by Min S. Ku, Rob Leigh, Lee Loughridge, cover by Ronnie DeCarman

Commissioner Barbara Gordon is troubled by hallucinations that stem from a fight with the Scarecrow back in her days as Batgirl. With a kidnapped child's life at stake, Barbara will need the help of Batman to survive the night.

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