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Bios - Aaron Herbst

Voiced By: William H. Macy
First Appearance: "Disappearing Inque"
Position: Containment

Bio: Aaron Herbst was Inque’s caretaker while she was frozen in a block of ice. Using her as a source to gush about his problems in life and…well, with everything. After Aaron was fired for being caught on camera and “kissing” Inque through the ice block, he turned off the cooling in that room, melting Inque’s ice block and freeing her.

Inque later came to Aaron’s apartment where she formed a deal with him. He would help her regain her full shape-shifting ability if she made him into what she was. The two eventually were able to “repair” Inque and she gave him want he wanted—but only the first dose. Leaving Aaron horribly transfigured, Inque went about her business in destroying Batman.

Aaron intervened in the last minutes of their battle, combining with Inque and crashing througn the window, causing the rain outside to come pouring down and pelting her. Inque ran off into a drain and Aaron was sent to a similar cell he once watched Inque in.

Aaron still resides in his cell, listenting to his new caretaker talk about her life…and warts.

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